Maxxeon unveils WorkStar 1200 LED lighting tool

July 22, 2006
Date Announced: 22 Jul 2006 The new Maxxeon WorkStar 1200 may not be the prettiest lighting tool in the garage or equipment repair shop - but it could turn out to be the most versatile and effective work light in any automotive, truck or industrial mechanic's tool box.The WorkStar is not a flashlight - it is a portable cordless rechargeable task light, a worklight, a trouble light and an inspection light combined into one compact, rugged and lightweight light source that runs over 5 hours on a single charge.You may have seen this innovative and versatile lighting device advertised on Two Guys Garage, the popular TV show for car enthusiasts on the SPEED Channel. Thousands of auto mechanics, car guys, race fans and auto enthusiasts have been introduced to the WorkStar LED work light through the advertisement on this automotive maintenance and performance show.The LED technology means never having to replace a bulb and the specially engineered reflector helps make this lighting tool one of the most efficient work lights available today. Gone are the days of having to replace fragile and expensive fluorescent tubes and incandescent light bulbs.The WorkStar was designed for auto mechanics, HVAC service technicians, most professional industrial maintenance tradesmen, and emergency service and first response teams. The WorkStar has been engineered to surpass the tough demands placed on them in the work place every day. The LED is guaranteed for as long as you own the light, and the batteries normally last 2 to 5 years before you need a replacement from your local hardware store.The WorkStar worklight features almost perfect balance and is easy top use by attaching it by its high-strength rare earth co-planar magnets, or by hanging the light with its retractable hook. The moveable light head makes it easy to point and direct the light to the work area.The Maxxeon WorkStar is also an ideal lantern for camping and can be used as an emergency flashlight in case of blackouts and power failures.Maxxeon Inc. is a designer and manufacturer of innovative lighting solutions based in Ottawa Canada.

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