Dominant LEDs used in Shell petrol station canopies

Oct. 26, 2006
Date Announced: 26 Oct 2006 More than 20 million customers a day visit Shell petrol station for fuels, motor oils, car care products and more. To provide satisfactory light levels for their customers at night and helping customers feel safe, making the station visible from a distance, Shell petrol station equipped the latest illumination technology.This new model of digital lighting has been helped by the use of LED technology. High power LEDs from DOMINANT Semiconductors have been integrated to logo panel and canopy to enhance the petrol station lighting system. With a typical brightness of 38 lumens at 350 mA and small footprint, 6.0(mm) x 6.0(mm) x 1.5(mm) of Warm White SPNovaLEDs are used for logo panel lighting. Besides, designed for high current of 400mA, typical flux output 42 lumens of yellow color SPNovaLED and amber color of Power DomiLED are used for canopy lighting. Due to its small footprint, LEDs are ideal light sources for places where traditional light source are not suitable. The extremely long life features of LEDs and potentially energy-saving mean they do not have to be replaced. These opened the door for lighting designers to create an avant-grant line to new design possibilities.

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