TDI unveils InGaN materials grownusing novel HVPE process

Oct. 24, 2006
Date Announced: 24 Oct 2006 TDI Demonstrates Novel Ingan Epitaxial Materials at the International Workshop on Nitride Semiconductors (IWNS) 2006SILVER SPRING, MD -- Technologies and Devices International, Inc., a privately held Maryland corporation (TDI), is displaying novel InGaN epitaxial materials at the IWNS 2006 in Kyoto, Japan. InGaN is the key compound semiconductor material used for the fabrication of GaN-based blue spectrum (blue, green, ultra violet (UV) and white) light emitting diodes (LEDs), laser diodes (LDs) and high-frequency/high-power transistors. The GaN-based device market is projected to reach $5B in 2007 and exceed $7B in 2009 with the major segments in light emitting diodes and laser diodes. GaN devices with InGaN light emitting regions have enormous potential for solid state lighting applications. InGaN ternary semiconductors cover the whole composition range from pure InN semiconductor suitable for the infrared emission, to pure GaN semiconductor emitting in ultra violet spectrum region. Depending on the material composition, InGaN-contained devices may emit light in any region of visible spectrum. These semiconductors are currently used for the fabrication of violet, blue, and green light emitting devices. In the future, the potential exists to use these materials to develop yellow, red, and infrared light emitting devices as well. Outside of light emitting applications, these materials are considered for novel solar cell applications, for various types of sensors, and for extremely high-frequency devices operating in the thousands Giga hertz range. Currently, the parameters and performance of existing InGaN-based devices as well as the perspectives for the fabrication of future devices are limited by InGaN material properties. New technological approaches to produce low defect InGaN epitaxial and substrate materials with improved composition control are necessary to overcome these limitations. "At TDI, we fabricate InGaN materials using a novel hydride vapor phase epitaxial (HVPE) process," says Alexander Syrkin, a senior crystal growth specialist for the company. "This method is well known to fabricate very low defect GaN and AlN materials including bulk crystals. However, we are now happy to demonstrate to nitride community InGaN materials fabricated by HVPE. TDI is grateful to the Department of Energy for their financial support for this project through the Solid-State Lighting Program." "Growth of InGaN epitaxial materials for the whole composition range is an important step in the development of novel products at TDI," said Vladimir Dmitriev, President and CEO of TDI. "TDI is manufacturing and supplying a variety of nitride products including GaN, AlGaN, and AlN template substrates for blue and UV LEDs, and for high power transistor applications. The recent achievements in the development of TDI's HVPE technology for InGaN materials will help us to develop and commercialize novel advanced materials and device structures. One of our first target products is InGaN template substrates for green light emitting devices currently suffering from low light emitting efficiency. TDI plans to start sampling InGaN epitaxial products early next year with small scale production scheduled for the third quarter of 2007." About TDIThe company is a privately owned developer and manufacturer of novel compound semiconductors including GaN, AlN, and InN. TDI has developed a variety of compound semiconductor materials and devices primarily for applications in short wavelength optoelectronics and RF power electronics.

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