MAZeT to show mini colour sensor modules at electronica

Oct. 2, 2006
Date Announced: 02 Oct 2006 JENCOLOUR MTCS-TIAM mini colour sensor modules optimise colour measurement and light detectionJena, 02/10/06 – MAZeT GmbH, the leading system vendor for industrial electronics is to use the international electronics trade fair “electronica” to present two unique OEM true-colour sensor modules for the very first time: Alongside its latest developments, MAZeT will demonstrate the new colour sensor systems MTCS-TIAM1 and MTCS-TIAM2 at Stand 313 in Hall 2A from 14th to 17th November 2006. This expands the JENCOLOUR® product group to include additional sensor IC solutions, which are used in general colour detection and measurement, in the consumer goods industry, as portable colour detectors / readers, in RGB-LCD backlight monitors, for regulating RGB power LEDs as well as for detecting a wide variety of light sources.Under the name of MTCS-TIAM1, MAZeT offers a colour sensor board with optical shutters, which alongside the MTCSiCS true-colour sensor IC also integrates the new MTI04CQ transimpedance amplifier using very compact chip-on-board technology. The MTCS-TIAM2 comprises a true-colour sensor IC with an integrated signal amplifier (MTI04C). The IC contains XYZ (RGB) filters and is therefore especially designed for colour measurements which are based on the tristimulus value function in accordance with DIN 5033-CIE Lab.The dielectric filters guarantee good optical characteristics, such a high transmission, durability, temperature stability, high signal frequencies, reduced crosstalk and small dimensions. The LCC package is RoHS-compliant. The form and content of the TIAM2-IC may, if necessary, be adapted according to customer requirements.Figure 1: MTCS-TIAM colour sensors with size comparison 2: MTCS-TIAM1 board 3: MTCS-TIAM2 IC - Var. A 4: MTCS-TIAM2 IC - Var. B MAZeTMAZeT GmbH is a leading European development and manufacturing service provider. The Jena-based company, which was founded in 1992, develops, manufactures and supplies client-specific electronic devices, software and ASICs and markets its own products internationally, under the JENCOLOUR® brand. In the realm of industrial electronics and optical sensors, MAZeT GmbH is a well-established and reliable service partner for customised client-specific solutions due to its wide ranging technological products and application know-how. It's developmental competencies and components for specific uses are used in the overall fields of industrial mechanics, control and automation systems and medical technology, among other things.

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