Edison Opto unveils LEDs for refrigerator applications

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Due to the excellent characteristics of cool ambient operation, LEDs have been applied to refrigerators. Some light with specific wavelength can keep vegetables fresh and avoid loss of nutrition.

Advantages of LEDs
i. Small Dimensions
ii. Specific Wavelength
iii. No Radiation
iv. Driven by DC

Advantages of LEDs for cool ambient operation
i. 30% Lower Energy Consumption than fluorescent bulbs
ii. Long Life Time
iii. Low Failure Rate

LEDs of Edison Opto
Ediosn Opto provides a series of High Power LEDs
Part no. Power Wavelength(גd) Application
EDEx-xLAx 1W,3W 660nm Contribute to photosynthesis, and increase absorption of Chlorophyl
EDEx-xLAx 1W,3W 740nm Contribute to photosynthesis, and increase absorption of Phytochrome
EDEx-xLA3 1W,3W 590nm Contribute to photosynthesis, keep vegetables fresh and increase Vitamin C
EDEB-xLA1 1W,3W,5W 470nm

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