Forge Europa eliminates design headaches with aLED®

Dec. 4, 2006
Date Announced: 04 Dec 2006 The use of high power LEDs demands a more rigorous design and manufacturing approach than conventional through hole devices. It is important to consider the thermal design if you want to guarantee long term reliability and ensure that the LED is not operating above its maximum junction temperature. Careful assessment of the optical system is also required to ensure the lowest number of LEDs is used to keep component costs to a minimum. Forge Europa has extensive experience in the application of LEDs and has recently developed a number of standard assemblies using high power LEDs (1 watt) known as aLED®.These aLEDs consist of a high power LED mounted onto a thermally optimised substrate complete with a connector or solder pads. This takes the headaches of thermal design away from the luminaire manufacturer and gives them an easy to use sub-assembly. When multiple units are combined into one fitting Forge Europa can also measure the junction temperature of the LEDs to verify that the design is working within its recommended parameters. The standard aLED® range consists of 1w hexagonal shaped lamp, 1w triple cluster lamp, 1w lighting strip in single colour and red, green, blue, and 1w double and triple LED lighting strips. These are ideal for backlighting and smaller lighting fixtures (e.g. MR16). As well as standard products customised solutions to meet specific applications can readily be provided.Additionally a diverse range of standard optics giving wide, medium and narrow beam patterns in a variety of sizes can also be supplied to fit the aLED® devices, thus giving the lighting designer a complete solution to choose from.

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