LEDcitti introduces powerful LED wall lamp

Dec. 27, 2006
Date Announced: 27 Dec 2006 LEDcitti introduces high power LED rectangular wall lamp (WL-X10) for indoor and outdoor wall lighting applications. Its wattage is about 10W, much more powerful than conventional analogous.Here are the main features:(1) Case: Press-forming aluminum material, black color, size L350xW112xH100mm.(2) LED colors: Mono color (red/amber/green/blue/or assorted color, cool white or warm white), or RGB changeable color.(3) Window: Clear or frosted glass.(4) Power consumption: About 10W.(5) Driver: (i) For mono or assorted color: Universal driver i/p AC100~250V, o/p DC350mA. (ii) For RGB changeable color, driver i/p DC12V, 1.2A max., adapter i/p AC100~250V, output DC12V, 1.2A max.

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