Harvatek unveils "industry's thinnest" SMD LED

June 21, 2006
Date Announced: 21 Jun 2006 HARVATEK ANNOUNCES INDUSTRY’S THINNEST HIGH-BRIGHTNESS SURFACE MOUNT LIGHT EMITTING DIODE (HB-LED)Harvatek Corporation announces the immediate availability of an ultra low profile, high-brightness surface mount light emitting diode (HB-LED) that offers a new level of performance and size benefits for increasingly stringent portable and backlight applications. This device is available in all colors utilizing AlInGaP and InGaN technologies.At 1.6mm long, 0.8mm wide and 0.25mm in height, Harvatek’s HT-F199 series is the thinnest SMD LED available today. The package thickness of HT-F199 represents a 28% reduction in package thickness over Harvatek existing HT-F195 series 0603 SMD LED. Further, HT-F199 is based on a leadframe architecture that provides designers uncompromised optical, thermal and electrical performance, meeting or exceeding that of a package with a PCB substrate.The latest super-thin package offers Harvatek customers more flexibility when designing within increasingly challenging z-height constraints. “For ultra-compact, portable product applications such as backlighting keypads and pushbuttons in the latest cell phone and handheld products, the HT-F199 series now offers designers a true alternative to electroluminescent lighting. Harvatek’s HT-F199 series is comparable in thickness to the rigid electroluminescent, while offering tremendous advantages in life time and eliminating the need to address high voltage and high frequency circuit requirements and potential EMI-RFI concerns,” said Holton Lee, Director of Product Marketing at Harvatek International. The HT-F199 series features the latest LED technology and produces typical luminous intensities of 20 to 25mcd @ 5mA for blue and 60 to 65mcd @ 5mA for white. Consistency in color and brightness is achieved as a result of its wide 120-degree viewing angle and narrow forward voltage binning (0.1V per bin). It is available on a 7-inch (178mm) diameter reel, with 4,000 units per reel. This lead-free (Pb-free) product meets or exceeds the requirements of the joint IPC/JEDEC standard J-STD-020B, as well as the European Union’s Reduction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directive.Harvatek is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of surface mount LEDs. Its solid state lighting solutions are utilized in numerous applications including mobile phones, handheld media systems, LCD displays and appliances. It manufactures billions of LEDs annually. For more information, please call Harvatek International at +1 (408) 844-8734.Harvatek is an ISO9002, QS9000 and ISO14001 certified company.

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