Power Vector unveils IRIS LED Driver Dimmer, DMX, 98W

June 26, 2006
Date Announced: 26 Jun 2006 Power Vector is pleased to announce the introduction of the IRIS LED Driver Dimmer™ (IRIS) for high brightness (HB) LEDs. Power Vector, a division of Electronic Craftsmen, has delivered power solutions for specialty instrumentation applications for more than 20 years.Power Vector (PV) has engaged in power applications for HB LEDs and related R&D for the past two years and intends to position itself as a leader in power solutions for specialty lighting and solid-state lighting applications. “We recognize the disruptive power of HB LEDs and have responded with an enabling product that will allow integrators to deliver high performance solid-state lighting products,” says Dave Tikkanen, General Manager, Power Vector. “The IRIS is foundational to this strategy.” Our patent pending product combines power isolation, programmable current drivers, and a DMX 512A interface, the IRIS provides a simple solution to achieve complex lighting effects such as flicker-free dimming and color mixing. It provides up to eight individually programmable channels, for driving multiple LED light arrays up to 98W. This UL/CSA-approved module provides an elegant solution to the problems of compatibility and approvals for individual components.The IRIS module is perfect for specialty lighting requirements intended for use in architectural, entertainment, and signage applications. “We have designed and built something special here,” says Tikkanen. “The market response to date has been remarkable.” With minimal integration costs, easy installation, and no licensing fees, the IRIS product is valuable, both in cost and convenience.For further information about the IRIS LED Driver Dimmer™ and other Power Vector products, please visit www.powervector.com.

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