GELcore improves LED lighting for refridgerated displays

June 7, 2006
Date Announced: 07 Jun 2006 Second-Generation LED Refrigerated Display Lighting Solution Gives Retailers More Reason to Chill with LEDsVALLEY VIEW, OH — Cutting wasteful spending on lighting energy by nearly 80 percent sets the improved LED Refrigerated Display Lighting solution from GELcore, LLC, apart from its predecessor. The newest solution can reduce lighting system energy consumption on a 5-door reach-in case by more than 40 percent, when compared with T8 fluorescent lamps. Lighting energy consumption reductions are even more favorable when the LED solution is pitted against HO fluorescent lamps (59 percent) or VHO fluorescent lamps (78 percent).When compared with fluorescent lamps, the new and improved LED Refrigerated Display Lighting solution offers reduced maintenance, delivers greater light-level uniformity across the face of products and cuts annoying glare on floors. It also makes low- and medium-temperature reach-in door merchandiser display light sources invisible to shoppers in supermarket, grocery, convenience store and floral retail settings.The inconvenience of fluorescent lighting breakage is eliminated with GELcore's robust, impact-resistant LED Refrigerated Display Lighting solution. It has no glass to break, no IR light, no UV light and no mercury. It is also RoHS compliant and UL-approved."We expect the significant energy savings and environmental advantages of LEDs to drive interest in our solution with retailers, says Melissa Wesorick, specialty product manager, GELcore.GELcore's second-generation LED Refrigerated Display Lighting solution also saves watts by lessening the load on the compressor. For every light watt reduced in a frozen food case, the compressor works less hard, saving ~ 0.45 watts. On a 5-door case, the additional energy savings can reach 70 watts vs. T8; 134 watts vs. HO; and 330 watts vs. VHO.The LED Refrigerated Display Lighting solution features a longer rated life—up to 50,000 hours vs. 18,000 hours for fluorescent lamps in low temperature environments—that reduces maintenance hassles and costs. With the GELcore LED solution, re-lamping would occur every 6 to 10 years instead of the 2-year cycle time that is typically associated with fluorescent lamps. It offers a color of ~4800 CCT and color-rendering index of 72.Additional advantages of the second-generation LED Refrigerated Display Lighting solution include:- Eliminate light-source glare on store floors and perceived "dark" packaging by efficiently directing light to where it is truly needed. - Reduce maintenance with fewer lamp failures before scheduled re-lamping. - Improve loading access that makes room for more products on shelves - Save energy and add dimming and cycling capabilities that are not usually recommended for T12 or T8 fluorescent lamps. About GELcoreGELcore LLC, a joint venture of General Electric Company and EMCORE Corporation, drives innovation, energy efficiency and cost savings for industries that use LED products, systems and solutions. Fitted with patented, low-voltage, long-life LED light engines, GELcore solutions deliver world-class, GE-grade performance. For more information about GELcore, please call 216.606.6555 or visit

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