Energy-saving LED lighting unit “A’SYCK LITE” developed and released for production

Sept. 19, 2006
Date Announced: 19 Sep 2006 Uji-city, Kyoto -- A’SYCK Co., Ltd., with headquarters in Uji-city, Kyoto, Japan and offices in Irvine, California, USA, are entering the US market with a series of Custom and Semi-Custom LED products that include Tri-color SMT products, and High Output LED Lighting Units.The “A’SYCK LITE”™ series utilizes six or twelve high output power LEDs with a thin and compact design measuring 300mm x 25mm x 10mm.This space saving design allows for installation in narrow spaces such as showcases, book shelves, counters, art exhibits and a variety of general and commercial lighting applications.Three color temperatures are available in cool white, warm white and double white.The 12 LED version produces over 150 lumens of light, with a power dissipation of 4.8W and an expected life of 40,000 hours.Key Features: • Compact and Thin Design• Six or Twelve Power LEDs• Input Voltage is 24V DC• Power Dissipation is 4.8 W• Beam Angle is 60/90 Degrees

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