NuVision launches rear-projection TV with Luminus LED chipset

Nov. 17, 2006
Date Announced: 17 Nov 2006 NUVISION LAUNCHES 52-INCH LED DLP® TV WITH LUMINUS DEVICES' PHLATLIGHT TECHNOLOGYNew 1080p Rear Projection Television Now Available At A/V Specialty Retailers Woburn, Massachusetts -- Luminus Devices, Inc. today announced that NuVision (, a premium HDTV manufacturer that targets the CEDIA custom installation channel and high-end A/V specialty retailers, has begun shipping its 1080p Deep Black LED DLP® television (model # 52LEDLP) with PhlatLight technology.The new television, which was recently featured at the CEDIA Expo in Denver, is illuminated using Luminus' PhlatLight chipset, replacing the arc lamp found in most projection TVs.PhlatLight provides superior color and image quality, with a wider color range, deeper saturation, and outstanding overall fidelity and contrast. No less importantly, PhlatLight replaces the expensive and short lived arc lamp with a light source that will never need to be replaced. PhlatLight technology is based on patented photonic lattice technology and was designed expressly to meet the requirements of microdisplay illumination. PhlatLight chipsets are the only commercially available solid state light sources powerful enough to illuminate large-screen, advanced microdisplay TVs."We're known for catering to the discerning consumer who appreciates great performance and superior viewing experiences," said Scott Deley, CEO of NuVision. "As one of the first manufacturers to launch an LED-illuminated DLP TV using PhlatLight technology, we continue our reputation for delivering the most advanced television display technology to our customers." The NuVision Deep Black LED DLP television is the second line of televisions using PhlatLight technology to be released this year. Samsung Electronics began shipping its HL-S5679W 56-inch LED Engine Widescreen DLP HDTVs with PhlatLight technology in August. The NuVision version of this advanced television display technology is designed with specialized electronics systems optimized to proprietary NuVision control and signal processing systems, creating the ultimate new reference standard in high-performance video reproduction. "PhlatLight technology has single-handedly enabled the commercial launch of solid-state-illuminated projection television, and the market response has been tremendous," said Udi Meirav, CEO of Luminus Devices, Inc. "We couldn't be more pleased about the launch of NuVision's 52LEDLP to demonstrate the superior viewing experience that this new class of televisions is offering to consumers."About NuVisionNuVision's mission is to enable "high definition living" by developing innovative displays and devices with a focus on people and how they live. Aimed at the discerning consumer who expects excellent performance, customer service, and industrial design, NûVision is a premium HDTV manufacturer that targets the CEDIA custom installation channel and high-end A/V specialty retailers. NuVision values its consumers, employees, partners and the environment. NuVision is funded in part by Mitsui Comtek Corp. and is located in Scottsdale, Arizona. For more information, visit Luminus DevicesLuminus Devices, Inc., headquartered in Woburn, Massachusetts, develops and manufactures high performance solid state light emitting devices and systems. Its PhlatLight (Photonic Lattice) technology, developed by Luminus Devices based on research done at MIT, is the only solid state light source powerful enough to illuminate large screen projection televisions. With PhlatLight chipsets in commercial production, Luminus is leading the industry in designing this new, powerful light source for a variety of applications, including microdisplay projection TVs and other advanced, high-definition displays. Several leading television and consumer electronics vendors are currently selling TVs with PhlatLight products. For more information, visit

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