IntenCity Lighting launches LED street light technology

Nov. 17, 2006
Date Announced: 17 Nov 2006 IntenCity Lighting launches LED Street Light Technology -- Affordable, maintenance-free, LED residential street lighting consumes 50% less energy than a standard street light, and lasts longer than 10 years DARDANELLE, Ark. -- IntenCity Lighting business partners Mike Bruck, President & CEO and Pat Mullins, EVP, Product Development, announce they have officially launched their patent-pending LED street light technology. Municipalities can save significant energy and maintenance costs by retrofitting existing residential street lights with this new technology. In addition to street lights, the company also manufactures and sells a variety of other outdoor lighting including garage and parking deck lights. “There are a few companies who claim to have similar products,” said Mike Bruck, “but we believe our patent pending technology makes our product the most effective solid-state lighting module ever built.” IntenCity Lighting has filed five patents on new designs and engineering for it’s reflector system, photosensor, power supply, mounting and cooling systems. Pat Mullins, whose career in the LED traffic light industry spans several decades, recently moved from Tampa, Florida to help design and assist with production scale-up at IntenCity Lighting’s facility in Dardanelle, Arkansas. “Our LED light replaces standard, 100 watt High Pressure Sodium luminaires and consumes half the energy,” said Mr. Mullins. “There is no bulb replacement for 50,000 hours or more than 10 years. We have a sealed light engine that has no air intake and never needs internal cleaning. "IntenCity Lighting has a unique, integral down-looking photocell that requires no opening in the housing, no wiring, and outlasts the LEDs themselves. Essentially we have developed a maintenance free, outdoor lighting fixture that has no ballast or bulb. As an added benefit, our lights have sharp optical cutoffs and are international, dark sky compliant.” Mr. Bruck said that unit costs for the light is $405 in small quantities. “We have calculated the pay-back to the municipalities to be about 3.5 years depending upon their energy costs. We have a municipal leasing program that makes it economically feasible for almost any city to convert to this new technology.” “Our light weighs about 15 lbs and is extremely is easy to mount,” commented Mr. Mullins. “We have developed a unique pipe mounting requiring no saddle clamps or bolts to torque. The fixture coupling slips into a standard pipe and expands for a secure, weather tight seal.” IntenCity Lighting recently exhibited their street light technology at the American Public Works Association national trade show in Kansas City. “We got an overwhelming response and interest from cities and towns across the U.S.,” commented Mr. Bruck. “In addition to the U.S. market, we have strong interest overseas in Europe, Australia and South America.” There are an estimated 10 million 100 watt, high pressure sodium street lights in the U.S. alone. “Of course GE and Sylvania and others, are working to develop similar technology,” said Mr. Mullins, “Many of these companies are in the design and test stages of product development. From what I’ve seen, our product outshines anything out there in the market now or under development. We’re first to market with a truly viable LED street light product.”

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