Goldeneye lights up brighter LED projection source

Jan. 5, 2006
Date Announced: 05 Jan 2006 Carlsbad, CA - Green, Blue and Red LED light sources that can deliver over 1500 lumens of light within the small emitting area required by standard DLP, LCD, and LCOS projection displays have been demonstrated by Goldeneye Inc., the company announced today. This output is achieved with standard commercially available LEDs using Goldeneye's patented "Recycling Optics" technology."Projection displays constructed from these sources are capable of producing more than 300 lumens through the light engine to the screen." says Scott Zimmerman, Vice President of Goldeneye. "And because each source can be modulated independently, Goldeneye(tm) based light engines will deliver high average output, high peak lumens, an unparalleled color gamut and resolution at a cost and weight that LCD and plasma simply cannot match."In Goldeneye's technology, multiple LEDs are combined in a "light-recycling cavity" in which their individual brightness outputs are enhanced. In this arrangement, the individual LEDs can operate at lower drive levels with improved optical efficiency, unlike other high brightness approaches that rely on overdrive conditions. The result is higher lifetime, greater wavelength stability and superb color uniformity.In a typical application, the compact Goldeneye color sources are integrated into a front or rear projection display system, replacing much of the bulky and expensive "light train" required by current arc lamp based displays. Goldeneye's patented LED light modulation scheme allows each source to be independently controlled to enhance or modify color temperature, color brightness, color balance on a scene by scene or even frame by frame basis.Goldeneye is currently preparing for volume production to meet the demand of the projection display industry. The company expects to see its products initially incorporated into "high end" projection displays. However, due to the economic and performance advantages of the Goldeneye(tm) technology, a rapid deployment into mass-market products is anticipated."There are other high brightness solid state approaches for projection applications, but Goldeneye's is the only one using proven LEDs that are already in volume production, which is a tremendous advantage" says Zimmerman. "And due to the unique nature of our proprietary technology, the Goldeneye(tm) source will always be brighter than any future LED-based competitor."About GoldeneyeGoldeneye Inc. is a technology foundry focused on optical solutions to the solid-state lighting market. The company's principals have generated over 50 issued patents in the fields of semiconductor processing, micro-optics, displays, and electronic packaging. Founded in 2003, Goldeneye Inc. has already accumulated a large and comprehensive IP portfolio, including 15 patents issued or pending related to solid-state lighting. The company is headquartered in Carlsbad, California.

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