Philips Lighting North America sets the pace in solid-state lighting

Jan. 25, 2006
Date Announced: 25 Jan 2006 As the 150-year-old light bulb continues to evolve and the lighting industry embarks on new territory with solid-state lighting, Philips Lighting Company North America has become the leader in a technology that has, of late, increasingly proven its revolutionary influence on consumers. And while consumers continue to adhere to innovative products that are safe and flexible, Philips is moving in the same direction with plans to offer a wide range of LED systems that set the standard for the future of lighting. The Philips Aurelle LED Candle Series is the most recent example of a solid-state lighting product that delivers on the Philips brand promise of sense and simplicity and has earned the attention of the vast consumer marketplace. The easy-to-use, rechargeable Aurelle combines advanced LED technology with an appealing design for the consumer. And with Aurelle – which offers up to 10 hours of continuous light – a desired ambiance in the home is more easily achieved. Consumers can easily enjoy the warm glow and gentle flicker of a candle without the risks associated with open flames. “Solid-state lighting is a technology that is fundamentally changing the way we think about lighting and will have a significant impact on future generations,” said Philip Warner, Business Development Manager, Solid-State Lighting. “Philips is an innovator, and the success of the Aurelle clearly indicates that we are leading the way on this new path. We look forward to the opportunity to introduce many new solid-state lighting products and are confident they will be received in a similar way.”Philips has not only caught the attention of consumers with this new product, but highly trafficked retail channels such as The Home Depot and are now making the product available. Through extensive, key media relationships, Philips has also graced the pages of highly acclaimed media outlets such as USA Today, LIFE, Parenting, Good Housekeeping and SELF. So while solid-state lighting is already being widely used in automotive lighting, traffic signaling and signage – where Philips is also a player – the impact of applying this technology to the mass consumer market has proven to be a worthwhile business approach to the new wave of lighting. The company’s recent acquisition of Lumileds Lighting – the world’s leading manufacturer of high-power light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and a pioneer in the use of solid-state lighting solutions for everyday purposes – is further proof of Philips’ commitment to positioning itself as a leader in this space.Philips Lighting Company is working toward changing the way we illuminate everything, from the cars we drive to the homes we live in. Solid-state lighting is set to revolutionize the entire lighting industry, and Philips is not only moving with the future, but setting the pace.

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