Osram Opto boosts power of Advanced Power TopLED

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The new Advanced Power TopLED from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors is 50% brighter than its predecessor thanks to thin film technology.

Its high output makes even blue, green and red LEDs fit for illuminated advertising and effect lighting. New areas of application will open up for all colours.

The portfolio of SMT LEDs is now even more extensive and offer potential customers the perfect choice of LEDs for a wide range of applications.

The Advanced Power TopLED ranks between the Power TopLED and the Golden Dragon. Like all LEDs in the latest generation from OSRAM it benefits from thin-film chips.

At 140 mA it has an output of 19 lm in green and amber, 15 lm in white and red, 14 lm in yellow and 5 lm in blue. This is 50% more than previous versions.

Blue and green LEDs in particular will open up new areas of application and, like all the other colour variants, can be used for area and effect lighting. Whether they are inte-grated in signage or fitted directly on building facades these LEDs provide light of impressive brightness.

In terms of output, the new Power LED range is positioned between standard and high-power LEDs. Advanced Power TopLEDs are perfect if standard LEDs are not bright enough but high-power LEDs appear too bright.

Existing LED lighting solutions can provide the same amount of light with fewer light sources or the same number of light sources can be used to give more light. This saves energy and reduces the costs for the entire lighting system.

The SMT package ensures that the LEDs are compatible with standard solder processes.

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