Dialight Lumidrives introduces 110/240 V power LED drivers

Aug. 23, 2006
Date Announced: 23 Aug 2006 NEW LED DRIVERS FROM DIALIGHT LUMIDRIVESDialight Lumidrives has introduced four new 110v/240v power LED drivers designed for use with single colour light arrays and ideal for interior architectural lighting applications.Each driver is compatible for use with Dialight Lumidrives’ range of single colour light arrays including Lumilines, Lumispots, HL11 and HL16 products and linked LED modules. They are therefore ideal for use in retail, restaurant and office locations.Range leader is the VariLED 16, a dimmable 350mA output driver which can drive up to 16x 1W LEDs in two banks of eight. Dimming is via a remote potentiometer or 0-10V input.The Microdriver 8 can drive up to 8x1W LEDs or 6x2W LEDs. A selection of seven different output voltages is available. The VariLED 16 and Microdriver 8 are 109.5mm in length, 50mm wide and 23.5mm high.Dialight Lumidrives also has two new compact LED drivers available for when space is at a premium. The Microdriver 9 and Microdriver 4 are just 99mm long, 39mm wide and 23.5 mm high. They both have universal voltage input and can be run from 110 to 240V ac.The Microdriver 9 is a multiple output driver which can drive up to 9x1W LEDS or 4x2W LEDs. The Microdriver 4 is a constant current 350mA output driver and drives up to 4x1 LEDS.Dialight Lumidrives specialises in the development of components to enable applications in solid state lighting, including power drivers, LED arrays and optics. The company also offers design services for LED based illumination systems.Dialight Lumidrives is a subsidiary of Dialight Plc, one of the world’s largest suppliers in the field of applied LED technology. Dialight Plc operates in two principal segments; Components, where low brightness LEDs are used for status indication in electronic equipment, and Signals/Illumination utilising the latest high brightness LED technology for traffic and rail signals, obstruction lighting, hazardous location lighting and developing applications in more general illumination markets. More information is available at www.dialight.com.

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