Ruptura Lab introduces a new innovative AC-LED development

Aug. 8, 2006
Date Announced: 08 Aug 2006 BUENOS AIRES, Argentina. Ruptura Lab, a product innovation company, introduces new configuration for multiple LEDs that allows for a direct connection to the AC power network through a very small (only 1cm2 onboard) and very economical module. This Module is capable of supplying the exact amount of voltage and current necessary without peaks and valleys (jumps or oscillations) thereby generating illumination without any types of "pulsations". This is done while keeping the operating temperature at an optimum and respecting the original useful life span of the semiconductors. This characteristics represent important advances when compared to the patents are currently available in the market. Diverse tests have demonstrated the effectiveness of the system with various input and output power ratings making this possible with all types of makes and models of LEDs. Since this system does not use capacitors or micro-controllers, its costs are very limited or minimal. The same could be said regarding its size. In this manner, it is possible to include this system in the same finished product of choice without any substantial modifications. For example, multiple boards with LEDs (LED arrays) that have connectors for voltages of 110 or 220 VAC with the same dimensions. The patent application is up for sale for manufacturers or investors.

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