SPORTFIVE Italy kick-off a new ODECO LiveAd Perimeter System based on SMD Technology

March 2, 2006
Date Announced: 02 Mar 2006 SPORTFIVE Italy, the sports marketing agency headquartered in Milan has introduced 217 meters of innovative ODECO LiveAd perimeter system using SMD LED technology for use during soccer Italian national team matches, UEFA cup stages and Italian Cup matches.ODECO LiveAd LED Perimeter systems have been in operation in the European football arena since 1998. It is not the concept that is innovative in this purchase by SPORTFIVE, so much as the technology used to implement it.SPORTFIVE has chosen leading-edge technology for its sponsors in order to secure its leading position in European sports marketing. Above all, it had to be the first to offer it. Antonio Mazzarella, Managing Director of SPORTFIVE Italy, declared: “SPORTFIVE Italy is very proud to be the first agency in Italy to own this new SMD Technology. This puts us in a position to offer our clients a special kind of brand transmission.”The fact is that up until barely a year ago, SMD LED’s did not produce enough light to be used in a LiveAd which needs to work both for day and night-time matches. However, SMD performance and other features have been improved, so that they can now be used in outdoor audiovisual solutions.The LiveAd model bought by SPORTFIVE features 630,000 Osram SMD LED’s with a pixel pitch of 16.51mm. To make sure it gets the most out of this technology, ODECO has concentrated on improving the contrast ratio and reducing reflection of incident light so as to give the ads maximum visibility.With brightness of 4800 nits, an excellent contrast ratio and optimal resolution, the results are stunning.

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