Permlight supports of GU-24 standard with class 2 self-ballasted dimmable LED system

March 28, 2006
Date Announced: 28 Mar 2006 Permlight announced today that it intends to support the new GU-24 bayonet socket standard with a complete line of products offering the interface as early as summer of 2006.The company announced also that it will be introducing a self ballasted, line voltage (120VAC) dimmable and user serviceable high efficacy Class 2 LED lighting system for chandeliers, wall sconces, and other residential and restaurant decorative lighting applications."As an advocate of pushing the limit in energy efficiency, we are encouraged to see the GU-24 socket base becoming an ANSI standard," commented Manuel Lynch, President and CEO of Permlight. "Our 2-wire line voltage dimmable Class 2 LED electronic ballast is 10-20% more efficient than other fluorescent systems either available or planned for introduction. "We believe we fill a niche where fluorescent systems will be too big and bulky and luminaire manufacturers want lower profile GU-24 based LED solutions."The upcoming ENBJ-GU24 Series will be available in any color LED (cool white, warm white, blue, green, red, amber) and special effect products like candles for developing GU-24 based candelabra products. Featuring Permlight's patented thermal management and patent pending line voltage dimmable 2-wire technology, the 2 Watt, 60 Lumen Per Watt (LPW), ENBJ-GU24 series will complement other Energy Star technologies like fluorescent in the same or smaller form factor."The three biggest advancements I'm seeing in energy efficient residential lighting are dimmability, LEDs, and the consumer-friendly GU-24 socket. Growth in these three areas is very encouraging for the future of the industry," commented David Shiller, Product Manager, of ENERGY STAR for Residential Light Fixtures.

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