Cree introduces EZBright LED chip platform

March 8, 2006
Date Announced: 08 Mar 2006 Cree’s New EZBright™ LED Chip Platform Combines High Brightness With Industry-Standard Die AttachDURHAM, NC. — Cree, Inc. (NASDAQ: CREE), a leader in LED solid-state lighting components, today announced the product release of its new EZBright™ LED chip platform. A major advancement in LED chip technology, EZBright LEDs feature Cree’s highest brightness levels in a new, easy-to-die-attach chip. Now, Cree’s brightest chips can be assembled into LED packages using industry-standard processes.The first product based on this new platform is the EZBright290™, which is now available in both green and blue colors in commercial quantities. EZBright290 is targeted for white backlighting applications in LCD screens on mobile phones, PDAs, televisions and monitors, as well as for indoor and outdoor LED display, camera flash, gaming and indicator applications.“The EZBright LED platform is a significant enhancement to the Cree LED chip product family. Compatibility with epoxy die-attach processes greatly increases the number of potential customers who could take advantage of our highest performance chips, and increases the number of applications that can leverage our brightest products,” stated Scott Schwab, Cree vice president and general manager of LED chips. “The EZBright290 LED is the first of many high-performance products Cree plans to release on this platform.”The EZBright platform features a proprietary optical design that delivers an optimal Lambertian radiation pattern, reducing emission losses and significantly increasing efficiency. This increase in efficiency scales well with the size of the chip, which is a significant achievement for the industry.Additional EZBright products are targeted for commercial release over the next several months.

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