Osram TopLED offers peak performance from a 30-degree LED

March 22, 2006
Date Announced: 22 Mar 2006 The enhanced OSRAM thin-film chip technology allows also Power TopLEDs to produce new levels of brightness with a 30- or 60-degree beam angle. In red and yellow the 30 degree SMT LEDs even outperform radial versions. Typical applications in-clude exchange rate displays, speed indicators and service displays, for exam-ple at railways stations or tourist offices. The 60-degree SMT LED is ideal for passenger information systems.The new Power TopLEDs with lens are the brightest 30-degree LEDs in red and yellow yet. They produce 6300 mcd in super-red, 12000 mcd in amber and 6500 mcd in yellow. The blue and green LEDs in this series are especially efficient. They operate on a typical forward voltage of 3.4 Volt. This reduces energy requirements and keeps the thermal output in check. Therefore they are particularly suited for signage applications. All the colours for the above applications meet the requirements of US ITE and European standards. Another advantage of the 30-degree and 60-degree Power TopLEDs with lenses is their SMT package. It enables the light emitting diodes to be processed using standard solder techniques, which in turn reduces placement costs. Heat can be effectively dissipated via its four “legs”. Contrast is also improved because the light-reflecting surface of the SMT LED is smaller than that of the 5 mm radial LED. This results in better readability in relevant applications.

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