New spectrometer generation for all applications in light measurement

March 31, 2006
Date Announced: 31 Mar 2006 Instrument Systems GmbH is the leading manufacturer of systems for light measurement based on spectroradiometers.The company is now launching the next generation in the internationally acclaimed Compact Array Spectrometer series – the CAS 140CT. Equipped with high-performance detectors and gratings, the seven models of the CAS140 CT cover a spectral range from 200nm to 2160nm. In combination with optimized control electronics, the new spectrometer technology permits precise acquisition and evaluation of spectra within a few milliseconds. The CAS140 CT is therefore the perfect solution to meet all requirements in R&D and production settings, while the USB version also offers the option of mobile application.New power class in Array SpectrometersInstrument Systems has expanded its model range of Compact Array Spec-trometers with the instruments of the CAS140 CT Series. This model range has an impressive track record across the world with more than 1000 units shipped to customers. The newly developed monochromator concept forms the core of the CAS140 CT. Based on a Crossed Cerny-Turner Spectrograph with high-end back-illuminated CCD detectors, the spectrometer features es-pecially efficient stray light rejection and an enhanced dynamic range. Development of position detection for the integrated dark-current shutter and neutral density filter wheel has again improved dependability in tough production conditions. New diversity for a wide area of applicationsIn addition to highly sensitive back-illuminated CCDs, InGaAs and extended InGaAs detectors are now also available to provide a spectral range from 200nm to 2160nm with maximum sensitivity and stability. The CAS140 CT spectrometer offers a spectral resolution of 1nm. The basic modular concept of light-measurement systems from Instrument Systems has also been implemented in the CAS140 CT. A comprehensive selection of measuring adapters can be connected to the spectrometer using fiber-optic cables. This permits the spectrometer to form a complete system delivering a diverse range of spectroradiometric and spectrophotometric measuring functions. The CAS140 CT is equipped with a USB interface as standard and can easily be operated from a notebook. A PCI interface card is supplied as an option for integration in fast production test systems.Optimized software solutionsVarious software solutions based on Windows 2000 and XP are available for controlling the CAS140 CT and evaluating the test results. For example, the SpecWin and SpecWin Light programs designed for laboratory application, and a DLL driver with optional LabView module for integration in custom test setups. Furthermore, the MultiCAS Software allows several spectrometers to be combined in a cluster for analyzing the entire spectral range from 200 to 2160 nm in a single measurement.About Instrument SystemsInstrument Systems GmbH was founded in 1986 and is based in Munich, Germany. The company develops and manufactures precision instruments and systems for light measurement. These include high-performance array and scanning spectrometers. It also offers innovative solutions for polariza-tion analysis, imaging photometry and colorimetry. Instrument Systems provides support for a global customer base with backup from a compre-hensive network of representatives, plus a subsidiary in Canada. Instru-ment Systems focused at an early stage on LED and display metrology and has since developed into a worldwide leading supplier in these areas.

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