Modulated LED source for FluoroLog®-Tau lifetime spectrofluorometers

March 20, 2006
Date Announced: 20 Mar 2006 Intense light sources for frequency-domain lifetime fluorescence spectroscopy, with depth of modulation far beyond that of traditional Pockels cells, are now available from HORIBA Jobin Yvon. The new modulated LEDs can be added to the FluoroLog®-Tau-2 and Tau-3 systems. The modulated LEDs have an intensity up to five times the standard system using a xenon-arc lamp plus Pockels cell, with sine-wave modulation frequency of 500 Hz–320 MHz. Available in collimated or focused beams, the modulated LEDs are “plug-and-play”, with all cables and electronics included. Three wavelengths, 280 nm, 295 nm, and 365 nm, are now offered, with more to come soon.

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