acdc makes light work of façade illumination

Feb. 7, 2019
acdc has supplied a variety of luminaires for the illumination of the façade and grounds of the new Boroughmuir High School in Edinburgh, Scotland. Part of the Scottish Government’s ‘Scotland’s Schools for the Future’ schème, Boroughmuir High School is a brand new building that offers more space and facilities for the pupils and teaching staff.

The state-of-the-art building replaces the current building, providing increased sports facilities, featuring the first roof-top pitch in Scotland which helps to make the most of a compact inner-city site. The school, moved from its current site in Viewforth and is now located next to the Union Canal at Fountainbridge and accommodates 1,165 pupils. Other features include a multi-functional atrium and classrooms with quick access to collaborative break-out spaces. The new building incorporates a public park, which sits on the banks of the Union Canal. This project has been part funded by the Scottish Government through their ‘Scotland’s Schools for the Future’ Programme which is managed by the Scottish Futures Trust.

Working closely with both the client and Ken Gunn from Buro Happold who specified acdc for the project, 40 IGLU linear, LED wall wash luminaires were chosen for the façade of the new building. IGLU is a compact fitting that provides an even, continuous and powerful output with excellent colour rendition, making it ideal for bringing facades to life. Available in lengths of 400mm, 800mm and 1200mm, the IP67 rated IGLU has three tilt options, 0, 5 and 10 degrees and a micro louvre that minimises glare and shields LEDs from view for aesthetics. For Boroughmuir High School the fittings have been installed end to end for a continuous wall wash effect.

In addition, acdc’s BLADE MICRO, a powerful, wall grazing linear LED luminaire was also installed to provide a different effect on the façade. BLADE MICRO is IP20/IP67 rated and provides an even wash of light up to 10 meters, delivering 1500lm & 4100lm per metre with excellent colour rendering. Like IGLU, BLADE MICRO is available in lengths of 400mm, 800mm and 1200mm that can be installed end to end for a continuous wall wash effect and have an optional micro louvre or cowl to minimise glare and shield LEDs from view. Both luminaires incorporate LED‘s within a 2 step MacAdam ellipse to ensure colour consistency and a range of optics is available to suit every application: 16, 24, 40, 70, 18 x 48 degrees.

Magna IP68 compact, in-ground luminaires have been installed in the grounds of the facility to create a visually attractive and safe environment for users. Magna is a triple LED marker light & wallwash luminaire that delivers 350lm, has a 7 degrees tilt as standard with a 0 degree tilt option available and is supplied with a choice of clear or frosted glass for minimal glare.

acdc oversaw the lighting project from the initial concept stage, luminaire specification and final commissioning of all of the fittings used on the £35m new build project and provided the ideal solution.


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