For nuanced lighting concepts in high rooms: ERCO Atrium double focus recessed, surface-mounted and pendant luminaires

May 10, 2019
Lüdenscheid, May 2019. The name says it all: Atria and foyers of public buildings, but also sacred buildings with their high interiors, are typical applications for the new Atrium luminaire range from ERCO. The 'double focus' attribute stands for high-lumen output, highly efficient, narrow distribution LED optics with maximum visual comfort. With their optional indirect component, Atrium pendant luminaires provide a special feature that gives lighting designers additional scope for design.

Whether congress hall, corporate foyer or church nave—it is often the unusual room height that creates a dignified, solemn or dramatic atmosphere in buildings. This effect can be emphasized by the right lighting. However, special lighting tools are needed to bridge such distances of 25 feet or more. In the ERCO luminaire range, the term double focus refers to narrow beam, high-output and very well shielded downlight and wallwasher optics for such applications not only with recessed luminaires, but also with surface-mounted and pendant luminaires, thus expanding the design options available to lighting designers.

Reliable lighting tools for high rooms
The Atrium product family uses ERCO's highly efficient double focus LED lighting technology with collimators and Spherolit lenses. A black anti-glare cone minimizes luminance when looking into the luminaire, thus increasing visual comfort. In Atrium surface-mounted and pendant luminaires, this lighting technology is accommodated within a clean cylindrical housing. The all-round, light-tight ventilation gap sets a design accent. As with the recessed luminaires, the surface-mounted and pendant luminaires feature a highly qualitative yet neutral look that blends perfectly into a wide variety of architectural styles: Atrium's design works just as well in a Gothic cathedral as in contemporary architecture constructed in steel, glass or concrete.

Another special feature of the Atrium double focus family is the wallwashers in the recessed luminaire range. ERCO uses an innovative lens optic that enables excellent uniformity even with small distances to the wall: thanks to this new development, the ideal distance to the wall is only one fifth of the room height, achieving an appealing ceiling appearance, especially in high rooms.

Flexible lighting design and economic installation
Atrium double focus recessed luminaires provide lighting designers with three sizes, two wattages with each size, three light distributions and a downlight version that can be pivoted through 30° with plenty of design freedom even in high rooms. The high flexibility of the surface-mounted and pendant luminaires is another plus: they can also be installed economically and precisely right for the situation in difficult installation locations, as part of renovation projects and in listed historical buildings. With their concealed mounting elements, Atrium luminaires meet high aesthetic demands. Atrium pendant luminaires can be suspended from the supply cable due to their low weight, which further contributes to simple mounting—alternatively, a pendant tube can also be used as an accessory.

Flood (approx. 30°) and wide flood (approx. 45°) optics are available for the Atrium recessed, surface-mounted and pendant luminaires. This means that even changing luminaire mounting heights in a room can be integrated into the lighting design, such as those created by the different floor levels of podiums or galleries. With surface-mounted and pendant luminaires, the light beam is defined by interchangeable Spherolit lenses, meaning that retroactive modifications are also possible.

Highly innovative: Pendant luminaires with an indirect component
Atrium pendant luminaires not only offer the option of using the pendant length combined with the luminaire mounting height to blend in with the architecture—versions are also available with an additional indirect light component. This opens up new design options in the lighting concept—either for diffused, atmospheric lighting or for illuminating architecturally unique ceilings, as are typical in sacred spaces for example. All Atrium luminaires are equipped with a black anti-glare cone on their downward light aperture to ensure particularly high visual comfort.

Lighting tools according to your needs
An important factor in company foyers, sacred spaces or event locations is the possibility of matching the luminaires to the architecture and their use, for example with regard to the light color, the housing color and the installation detail. Via its "ERCO individual" service, ERCO offers lighting designers a wide range of options for individualizing its standard luminaires. For example, a choice between six different spectra ranging from warm white to neutral white light color: 2700K and 3000K with CRI 92, 3000K with CRI 95, 3500K with CRI 92 and 4000K optionally with CRI 82 or 92.

In addition to black, white and silver for the surface-mounted and pendant luminaires, up to 10,000 other colors are available as special paint finishes as well as anodized colors such as gold, copper and bronze. Atrium double-focus luminaires represent a further substantial component in the ERCO luminaire system, allowing architects and lighting designers to create extremely nuanced lighting concepts whilst maintaining consistent technical parameters.

Technical features
Recessed luminaires
ERCO lens system: Collimator and Spherolit lens of optical polymer, light distributions: Flood, Wide flood, Wallwash
ERCO LED module: High-power LEDs on metal-core PCB
Light colors: 2700K, 3000K, 3500K and 4000K CRI 92 as well as 3500K CRI 95 and 4000K CRI 82
Control gear: Switchable, phase dimmable, 0-10V dimmable
Housing: Cast aluminum, plastic, three sizes
Installation: Covered or flush with suitable mounting ring (as accessory).

Surface-mounted and pendant luminaires
ERCO lens system: Spherolit lens, collimating optic made of optical polymer
Light distributions: Flood, Wide flood
ERCO LED module: High-power LEDs on metal-core PCB
Light colors: 2700K, 3000K, 3500K and 4000K CRI 92 as well as 3500K CRI 95 and 4000K CRI 82
Housing: Cast aluminum
Installation: Ceiling fixture (with surface-mounted luminaire), canopy and power cable or pendant tube (with pendant luminaire)
Control gear: 0-10V dimmable


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