Bender & Wirth showcases new superior thermal Hybrid COB holder

May 13, 2019
Kierspe, 13 May 2019: As an innovator in lighting technology, Bender & Wirth further develops its impressive 430 series to introduce the new cost effective Hybrid COB holder 630 series.

It combines the design flexibility of injection molding with the thermal performance benefits micanite. Much like the 430 series, the 630 holder is a modular concept designed to accommodate an infinite combination of COB’s and optics. The bottom plate is interchangeable while the top plate incorporates the optical interface. The program will start out with 120 different variations to choose from.

The holder improves the heat transfer from the COB to the heat sink and thermally disconnects from the optics. Because of the mechanical integrity of micanite, the COB actually operates at a lower temperature which helps prevent premature LED failure.

Clip in function and push in terminals make the holders convenient for high levels of production. The automated assembly of the holder also generates a cost benefit for our customers.


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