Shoppers ‘still drawn to illuminated signs’

April 26, 2019
In this age of information overload, it seems neon still maintains its ability to turn heads after research shows almost two-thirds of shoppers are most attracted by this style of sign.

The survey, carried out by lighting experts NeonPlus, presented 1,000 people with a selection of typical shop signage and asked which would gain the most attention. As many as 64% said they would be most drawn to a store if its sign had an eye-catching, neon-style design.

Retailers currently face a difficult time on the high street, exacerbated by the rise in online shopping. The popularity of e-commerce over the years has led to a decline in face-to-face sales and the closure of several well-known stores.

Yet high street retailers are fighting back and reminding shoppers of the benefits of in-store shopping such as receiving helpful advice, the ability to inspect and test out products in person, and an overall more personal customer experience.

With stores fighting online sites for customers, retailers are using every trick at their disposal to entice potential customers into their stores and create an attractive atmosphere to keep them there.

A study of consumer retail preferences by design consultancy Dalziel and Pow revealed that 41% of people feel store ambience is primary, over location, friendliness of staff and customer service.

One effective method used by retailers to produce the right in-store atmosphere is creative lighting. Studies show that when used correctly, lighting can influence emotions, showcase a brand’s personality and attract target audiences. This has led increasing numbers of stores to be more and more bold with their lighting designs, introducing unusual affects such as colour projections and in-store illuminated signage.

Graeme Hoole, Head of Product Development at NeonPlus said: “Neon signs have become a huge trend in retail settings and are commonly used to exude fun and give a store a modern yet retro feel.

“Neon is often associated with parties, which can make shoppers feel happy, excited and encourage them to buy something spontaneously.”

A study by FedEx revealed that two thirds of consumers believe a stores signage is reflective of the quality of its service or products. The study also revealed that 8 in 10 consumers enter a store they have never visited before based solely on its signs.

Will Bartlett, project manager at retail design agency Prop Studios and commercial interior design agency FormRoom, said: “In the digital age, customers have their eyes firmly on their phones, so brands must work harder than ever to capture their attention.

“The range of colours that neon signs can achieve offer a very stark contrast to the everyday world. Our eyes can’t help but be drawn to the unusual. It’s very hard to miss something so bright and unique.”


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