Hitechled Lauched New Type of All-in-one Integrated Solar Street Light with Innovative Drawer Design

April 18, 2019
Hitechled manufacturers the worlds most technically innovative range of solar-powered LED lighting products and is renowned for its diverse product range which suit a wide range of applications.Our Green Friendly products has revolutionised the industry by offering unrivalled build quality and leading technology that has been proven to perform reliably in the world’s harshest conditions.

The Integrated solar led street light is a new kind of solar led street light for the road lighting. Its solar panel, LED lamp, controller, battery are all integrated inside the lamp then it is very easy for the installation. In addition, there is a brightness sensor on the lamp. If the brightness is enough, the solar panel can absorb the solar energy for battery charging, while if the brightness is not enough, the LED lamp will be on automatically and the battery will supply the energy to the lamp for area illumination. What’s more, the lamp can be customized with motion sensor or time control mode. Its brightness standard can be adjusted by movement or time schedule. It has solved the problem of complex installation and expensive transportation compared with traditional solar LED street light.

For recent years, the all in one solar street light has been popular for remote area lighting, especially for those place where the grid power is hard to reach or cost too much. However, many suppliers make cost down solution for easy marketing. They create troubles to the end user,as most of such cost down integrated solar street light get damaged after some time.Therefore, more and more users require higher quality and easy maintenance solutions. Hitechled, as one of the pioneers, launches the new innovative all in one solar street light with drawer for easier maintenance.

Hitechled new type of all in one solar LED light have the following Features.
1. All in one design
LED lamp, solar panel, lithium battery, controller ... all integrated in one compact system.
2. Wing-Like profile design
Reduces wind stress and improves the durability of the product. It is tested and approved for storms of 160km/h wind force.
3. Unique drawer design
Easy-access-drawer allows fast replacement of battery and controller.
4. Adjustable bracket design
Adopt upto 120deg angle adjustment meet the requirement for different geographic locations.
5. Bat-wing optical design
Vastly impoved the illumination area and illumination uniformity
6. Modular lamp design
With LM80 cree LEDs, IP65 and fast connection
7. Intelligent design
Protect for over-current,over-voltage....Motion sensor /Time schedule/ Intenet remote control
8. Powerful battery design
With Class A LiFePO4 battery cells, unique charging and discharge depth protection, temperature regulation system

And it has different mounting accessories as per the different mounting environment. 20W to 100W models are available now.

Hitechled is continually striving to provide our customers with the most intelligent and easy to install solar powered products. Its our constant focus on innovation and quality that makes Hitechled distinct from any other solar lighting companies.

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