Zumtobel Lighting the right match for the new Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

April 4, 2019
When Tottenham Hotspur was seeking a lighting supplier for the creation of its world class, 62,062 seater iconic new stadium, Zumtobel Lighting (a member of Zumtobel Group) took up the challenge, fielding a superb team and products that proved to be exactly the right match. Great consideration was given to the needs of the stadium users when creating the lighting design, including the importance of both the vertical and horizontal illumination.

The new 120,000 square metre stadium is not just for football – it has been designed to host National Football League (NFL) games, which meant meeting the requirements of a multi-purpose venue. As one of most intense and atmospheric places in the UK to watch football, the stadium boasts innovative premium and general admission spaces that include the longest bar in Europe, it’s very own micro-brewery, the `Tunnel Club` where fans can see the players preparing to go onto the field of play, a five storey atrium space, a skywalk and food outlets with menus created by Michelin-star chefs.

Zumtobel came up with a design that was based on a comfortable and safe environment for players, employees and visitors to the stadium, providing the perfect illumination for the home changing room, players tunnel, hospitality areas, Media Café, Microbrewery, general admission concourses, Tottenham Experience retail space, NFL locker rooms and terrace safety lighting.

The player’s wellbeing is of paramount importance. For the changing rooms, physio and relaxation spaces, considerable attention had to be given to circadian rhythms, catering for different times of the day when players use the facilities. Studies have confirmed the positive effects of using artificial lighting to support these natural circadian rhythms. These effects manifest themselves in improved concentration, better visibility and a general ‘uplift’ in how we feel. To achieve this, Zumtobel’s PANOS infinity has been installed, with a white-light range of 2700 K to 6500 K that offers the user a wealth of options to adjust the colour temperature to the respective application. SLOTLIGHT tunableWhite and RGBW LED Tape has also been utilised in this area.

The players’ tunnel has been illuminated using Custom Active Light Wall, two huge stretch ceiling fittings that have been personalised in Zumtobel’s Dornbirn, Austria factory, in conjunction with SLOTLIGHT tuneableWhite. Elsewhere, 200 VIVO spotlights in a special Ocean Blue paint finish have been installed in the M Media Café to provide an ideal working environment for reporters.

Black ONDARIA circular luminaires and VIVO spotlights illuminate the Tottenham Experience retail space, the largest football club retail space in Europe. Thanks to its distinct radius and soft contours, in addition to a subtle indirect component, ONDARIA almost seems to float in the air, making it particularly well-suited for prestigious areas. The luminaire allows for a fully flexible arrangement and blends perfectly into every room layout. VIVO LED spotlights from Zumtobel are a stand out solution due to their high colour rendering index and extremely uniform light distribution. Unique PiLED technology, pre-programmed colour points and premium lens systems pave the way for exclusive implementations. The all-important premium areas have been given a welcoming ambience with a wide variety of luminaires.

Custom made CRAFT L LED, flicker-free high bay LED luminaires with a special colour temperature of 5700K, have been installed to provide the safety lighting for the terraces within the bowl and match the field of play lighting. CRAFT meets high requirements for colour rendering with values up to Ra > 90, whilst stroboscopic effects for rotating machines are also completely unknown to this luminaire, even in the dimmed state.

Durable TRINOS IP65 continuous-row lighting system has been installed in the Microbrewery to combine the flexibility and functionality of a trunking system with the tough resistance of an IP65 luminaire, designed for environments that demand a higher degree of protection.

Over 77,000 luminaires from the Zumtobel Group Lighting Brands, acdc, Thorn and Zumtobel have been installed throughout the stadium. These include acdc’s BLADE fixtures for the ‘halo’ and façade and FUSION in the seating bowl, Thorn’s STEALTH custom luminaire in the concourse circulation area, Zumtobel’s Black ONDARIA circular luminaires and VIVO spotlights in the Tottenham Experience retail space, PANOS infinity downlights and SLOTLIGHT tunableWhite and RGBW LED Tape in the changing rooms, physio and relaxation areas, Custom Active Light Wall and SLOTLIGHT tunableWhite in the players tunnel and VIVO spotlights in the M Media Cafe, custom made CRAFT L LED in the seating bowl and many other luminaires from the product portfolio of Zumtobel Group’s lighting brands are installed throughout the stadium.

Zumtobel Group and Tottenham Hotspur, both leaders in their own fields, are working in partnership to ensure that the Tottenham Hotspur brand image is seen in the correct light, whilst saving energy and creating the best possible environment for staff and visitors alike.

Alfred Felder, Zumtobel Group CEO, commented “We are proud to be partnering with Tottenham Hotspur, one of the world’s top football clubs, to provide lighting solutions for the new, iconic Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. Translating the specifications and ideas of the architect and the light designer into tangible products was a major challenge but one we were able to meet thanks to our design expertise and product portfolio”.

Matthew Collecott, Director of Operations, Tottenham Hotspur comments “We have sought to create a world-class stadium in every aspect and that includes sourcing an innovative solution to our lighting. This has been made possible through the Zumtobel Group and we have been extremely pleased with the results they have achieved as part of this iconic project.”


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