Wireless lighting control made easy

April 4, 2019
Tridonic has launched two new Casambi Ready wireless modules in the basicDIM wireless range to allow for Bluetooth-based communication between luminaires. These new modules along with suitable sensors can offer considerable energy savings and allow for the lighting system to be individually adapted.

Thanks to the modules compact size, the passive basicDIM Wireless module and the constant-voltage basicDIM Wireless module can be easily integrated in the lighting installation. They automatically establish a communication network with up to 127 light points making them ideal for offices and classroom installations, and the luminaires in the network can be wirelessly switched and dimmed and also assigned to groups. Control is via the free 4remote BT app on an Android or iOS smartphone. The APP is available in the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store and supports wireless firmware updates. Demand-oriented lighting scenes are also easy to set up.

Measuring 40.4 x 36.3 x 14.0 mm, the passive module can be comfortably integrated into luminaires that are not yet equipped with basicDIM Wireless drivers. It can be supplied with power via the standard DALI line or directly from the new premium (PRE) po4a DALI driver with communication taking place via Bluetooth. This means that the wireless module connects the luminaires without the need for an external gateway. It can also be linked to a basicDIM Wireless sensor to include presence and ambient light in network control.

The basicDIM Wireless PWM CV-4CH module is supplied with 12-24V DC and measures 72.6 x 30 x 18 mm. Up to four channels can be switched and dimmed via Bluetooth i.e. four linear LLE FLEX strips or even completely different constant-voltage LED modules. With this module, existing LED strips can be easily dimmed without the need for additional DALI lines or drivers. The maximum output current is 6 A, which can be split in any way among the four channels.

The Casambi Ready control technology allows for versatile interaction with all the luminaires in a room, via either the APP or the user interface, without any additional wiring as the wireless communication network is established automatically. These two new wireless modules together with a 5DP basicDIM Wireless sensor completes Tridonic’s basicDIM wireless range.


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