SMAlux Lighting+Wireless Charging Desk Lamp "DeltaDesk" First showed at the Hong Kong International Lighting Fair

April 23, 2019
Shenzhen, China – CE Lighting, through its subsidiary SMAlux, introduced its new series of smart lighting systems, Lighting+ Wireless Charging Lamp (DeltaDesk) during the 11th Edition of the Hong Kong International Lighting Fair, 2019.

DeltaDesk is a new generation of the SMAlux lighting system, featuring unique designs, unlimited flexibility, energy saving, and light intensity regulation.

“Lighting+Wireless Charging Desk Lamp, is a revolutionary accessory, aiming to fulfill the tidal wave of multipurpose lighting systems,” said Mrs. 3W SMAlux Sales Manager. “DeltaDesk features unique wireless charging system, touch dimming to control light brightness, flexible design, and industrial grade surface finish.”

Designed with the end users in mind, DeltaDesk is an elegant and nice looking desk lamp with a wireless charging capability. The wireless charging system is suitable for watches and smartphones.

Lighting+Wireless Charging Desk Lamp flexible design allows for easy assembly and disassembly. It occupies a small packaging space, saving on shipping and inventory costs.

The shape-shifting capability allows for a significant degree of freedom. Moveable joints can shift to suit users’ taste and specific lighting needs.
Additionally, the unique touch switch on the light pole allows for easy ON/OFF switching, besides dimming with brightness level memory.

SMAlux Lighting+Wireless Charging Desk Lamp comes in three different models – TLE-505, TLE-505W & TLE-505C. Depending on specific lighting needs, DeltaDesk can be installed on walls or used on desks.

Moreover, SMAlux DeltaDesk comes with a type-C USB port connector, 5W power rating, and 100-240V/DC5V operating range. SMAlux DeltaDesk, smart lighting system, conforms to RoHS, CE, UL, FCC, and other industry standards.

About Hong Kong International Lighting Fair

Hong Kong International Lighting Fair is the biggest and one of its kind in Asia.

It provides a unique opportunity for industry players around the world to showcase their latest lighting technologies and innovations.

Over the years, it has played a key role in the progressive and advancement in new ideas and designs in the LED lighting industry.

Hong Kong International Lighting Fair is held twice a year, Autumn Edition and Spring Edition. It hosts over 1355 exhibitors.

About SMAlux

SMAlux is CE Lighting sub-brand that focuses on the smart lighting system. Since its inception, it has expanded to over 90 countries globally, with over 11 sales teams.

With a dedicated R&D, optics, design and electronics team, SMAlux has progressively established and helped expand smart light businesses.
Presently, SMAlux has over 500 patents, with internationally recognized awards such as IDEA, reddot and IF.


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