Zoom spotlights from ERCO—continuous zooming with no light loss for oval and round light beams

Lüdenscheid, April 2019. Just as painters need brushes of different widths, lighting designers need luminaires with different beam angles. The contrast between narrow, precise lighting accents and floodlighting is a central means of design with architectural and presentation lighting. Flexibility through interchangeable lens optics is good, but users often wish for even more flexibility in the form of spotlights with adjustable zoom optics. ERCO's new zoom floodlights solve such tasks with an innovative functional principle: their light beam is infinitely adjustable due to control via special lens technology, it prevents light loss, and is highly efficient. ERCO zoom spotlights are not only available as zoom spot with rotationally symmetric light distribution, but also zoom oval with axially symmetric light distribution. For example, for precisely illuminating sculptures—an additional advantage compared to conventional zoom spotlights.

Lighting practitioners know such situations well: When commissioning and lighting an exhibition or redecorating a retail space, they usually have to climb a ladder more than once until the lighting accent "sits" precisely on an object. Even with a vast offering of spotlights with different beam angles and interchangeable lens optics as is possible with ERCO, one may have a need for spotlights with infinitely variable zoom optics as well. The potential of such zoom spotlights in museums, galleries and sales areas for example is enormous: Each light beam can be individually and precisely adjusted to the situation, the number of overall luminaires or interchangeable lenses is reduced, and a lot of time is saved when commissioning. But to achieve this, the quality of light and efficiency of the zoom spotlights must also be on par with fixed beam angle spotlights. ERCO developers have now achieved this with the new zoom spotlights thanks to light control via lens technology.
Maximum efficiency
The innovative zoom technology fits into a surprisingly compact, rotatable optical attachment at the light emission aperture of the spotlight, the length of which does not change when zooming. One turn of the ring is sufficient to adjust the beam angle as desired: With zoom spot the zoom range is from spot (15°) to wide flood (65°), and with zoom oval from 19°x71° to 60°x74°. When zooming, the lenses bundle the light beam without loss of light: This increases illuminance in the spot position by a factor of more than ten, and offers ideal conditions for rich-contrast and precise accentuations. In each zoom position, the entire LED luminous flux is projected onto the target surface. ERCO zoom floodlights set the standard in this product segment in terms of both efficiency and uniformity of the light beam.

The variable "sculpture lens"
With its new zoom technology, ERCO provides not only rotationally symmetric distribution, but for the first time also variable and axially symmetric light beams. These spotlights with zoom oval light distribution are suitable for applications where, in the past, sculpture lenses or the oval flood characteristic were used. Zoom oval makes it possible to adjust both the proportions and the position of the oval—ideal for the precise illumination of objects with elongated proportions such as sculptures, mannequins in shop windows, panorama formats and lettering.

Zoom is used in many spotlight series
The stringent system of the ERCO range makes it possible to offer the new zoom technology right from the start in a whole range of proven spotlight families: Optec, Pollux, Parscan as well as Oseris are available as zoom spotlights in different sizes. As with previous light distributions, zoom optics can be combined in a variety of ways with the familiar options from the ERCO luminaire system in terms of light colors, wattages and dimming variants.


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