FUSION™ Solar-Powered LED Wins Gold “Product of the Year” by Plant Engineering

April 9, 2019
April 9, 2019 – MANITOWOC, Wisc.

FUSION™ Solar-Powered LED is a truly ground-breaking, patent-pending system using solar power to directly energize LED light fixtures in commercial/industrial applications. The solar power harvested by FUSION directly energizes the integrated LED fixtures within a facility, dramatically reducing daytime lighting costs.

FUSION allows end-users to enjoy all the benefits of solar powered lighting with none of the costs, risks or limitations of traditional utility grid connected systems.In recognition of this achievement in high-performance, solar-powered, commercial/industrial LED lighting, Plant Engineering named the FUSION™LED by energybank the Gold Winner in the Lighting category for its prestigious 2018 Product of the Year Award.

“The FUSION system effectively eases demand on the grid during peak times by displacing demand for utility generated energy with energy harvested directly from the sun. When electricity is at its most expensive - FUSION LED luminaires operate with solar power as the primary source of energy, with utility power used as a backup,”commented energybank founder and CEO, Neal Verfuerth. “When integrated with energybank's transformative LED lighting solutions and Genius IoT® controls, FUSION helps customers improve their operations by delivering high-performance light output for the least amount of energy input.”

Made in the USA, FUSION direct solar-powered LED lighting is a distributed renewable located at an end-user’s facility and is not connected to the grid. FUSION offers end-users an innovative new clean energy technology that is energy efficient, cost-effective, scalable and both economically and environmentally sustainable.

This is the fourth Product of the Year win for energybank technology; the energybank model T® LED exterior fixture was recognized as a 2015 Plant Engineering Product of the Year Winner in the Lighting category, energybank ThinLine® LED troffer fixture was recognized as a 2016 Plant Engineering Product of the Year Winner in the Lighting category, and energybank OmegaLight® LED high bay was recognized as a 2017 Plant Engineering Product of the Year Winner in the Lighting category.


energybank, a Wisconsin-based company, is a leader in American innovation specializing in the advancement of solid state lighting, controls, IoT and solar renewables. Through its proprietary thermal management, optical optimization and application engineering capabilities, energybank maximizes the performance and longevity of LED to achieve LED Done Right®.


Guy Peterson, VP Marketing & Corporate Communications
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