LED Linear Light for Tunnels and Underpasses

April 25, 2019
Tunnel and underpass lighting is a complex and demanding field, so you can not afford to compromise. Correct tunnel and underpass lighting is vital for users safety, and prevents sudden changes in light intensity that can confuse the human eye. Keep traffic moving, guarantee safety, and reduce maintenance and energy consumption.

Tunnel and underpass often require a linear interior lighting solution. Tunlite offers an LED solution where traditionally fluorescent lighting was used.

It is available in three sizes to offer a wide range of lumen packages adapted to different projects, rated at IP67 for complete fixture and IP68 for LED module. TunLite is composed of die-cast aluminum body and tempered glass cover for outstanding strength and IK08 impact resistance. It delivers long lasting performance thanks to efficient thermal management. The luminaire is installed with wall mounting brackets.


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