Nova Series LED Linear High Bay Light For Industrial Sector

April 25, 2019
Industrial-grade LED linear high bay lights engineered for commercial, retail and industrial environments, particularly high rack warehouses, to provide a precise and targted beam spread to direct the maximum amount of light where it's desired. With linear high bay luminaires lumen output is focused directly where you need the illumination with sharp accurate color to increase visibility. The LED fixtures are energy saving alternatives to linear fluorescent and HID high bay fixtures for high ceiling environments with ceilings that are between 20 feet and 60 feet that desire high quality illumination.

The Nova series suspended LED linear high bay light is ideal replacement for both conventional T5/T8 fluorescent and metal halide high bay fixtures, it can deliver uniform illumination up to 42,ooo lumens. Durable steel housing combined with frosted polycarbonate cover, dimension available in 2ft and 4ft. The external driver ensures steady performance and long lifetime. The fixture is able to work with microwave sensor to increase energy savings.


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