Why our LED grow light will be most people's preference

April 24, 2019
The lighting systems of traditional plant greenhouse or laboratory generally consume a lot of energy, so we have been researching led grow light to solve this problem. At present, LED is the most energy-saving technology in agricultural lighting application. Our Atop lighting has been dedicated to the research of led grow light for a long time and has achieved great results.

some greenhouse planting industry and plants growing research and experiment reports often show that most plant factories are still using traditional fluorescent lights. Fluorescent lighting that act as ordinary lighting source accounts for up to 82% of energy consumption in operation. That means that the proportion of plants growth lighting performance what we need is only a small fraction. This is far less than what we expect from a grow light today.The appearance of led grow light just made up for this deficiency. Using LED grow lights instead of traditional fluorescent plant lights and other plant lighting sources can significantly reduce the lighting energy consumption of agricultural production.

Through using LED grow light to supplement lighting experiment in greenhouse, it can be seen that compared with traditional high pressure sodium lamp and metal Halide lamp, LED grow light can save energy by 50 ~ 80%. In plant factories, if traditional plant lights are used.it need to be equipped with about 500w per square meter, while the LED grow lights only need about 270w when come to led grow light .it is clear that the power consumption is reduced by 50%.

No matter what kind of artificial light source, there are problems of power to lighting conversion loss and waste heat. Second, we all hope that plant lamps can be with concentrated irradiation planting area feature and well heat source outlet structure so as to improve utilize efficiency.

Grow light is a hot topic in the LED industry nowadays , since agricultural lighting and general industrial lighting are completely different. We have spent much time and energy on investigation and research of the plant factories characteristics at the beginning of our led grow light’ design and development. We also combined with plant growing industrial control, plant growing air conditioning environmental control, plant growing nutrient liquid supporting facilities. Finally some potential LED grow light products which are suitable for plant growth and popular in the market are researched and developed by our Atop Lighting.

We recently introduced an LED grow light for indoor cultivation. This led grow light calculates the most suitable light for the growth of vegetables, and is equipped with a reasonable unit area illumination and combined with natural light source sunshine mode. Not only it can promote the rapid growth of plants. But also it can Shorten vegetable’s growth cycle.It is an excellent indoor LED grow light product that can accelerate the growth of plants in the market now.

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