Oxman Lighting eliminates finned heatsinks for its new DL1 LED downlight and reinvents COOL

March 18, 2019
The Oxman Lighting DL1, high performance, recessed LED downlight ushers in a new era of cooling technology, whereby the heavy and inefficient finned heatsink traditionally used to cool LED downlights is replaced by a sleek, thin, low weight Total Surface Heat ExchangerTM. This entirely new approach to thermal management positively influences material input, size, weight and performance. It has seen Oxman Lighting produce a downlight that’s more powerful, more efficient and more durable while, amazingly, also being more compact. At less than 30mm deep, the ultra slim DL1 produces 1200 lumens of 92CRI light from a fitting weighing just over 100g.

“Our DL1 downlight takes a fresh approach to cooling and this has achieved remarkable performance as verified through independent tests. It’s a COB, LED downlight without compromise,” says Philip Oechsle, founder of Oxman Lighting. “This technology can be used in numerous applications, from downlights through to high bays and will see huge savings in raw materials for the lighting industry.”

The shortcomings of the traditional finned heatsink are that it stores heat and has an unwanted temperature gradient from the base of the led to the tip of the cooling fin. This gradient reduces the active temperature difference between the surface of the heatsink and the ambient cooling air, which reduces the cooling effect and necessitates the use of large heatsinks.

The Total Surface Heat ExchangerTM eliminates these shortcomings by transferring heat from the base of the LED to the ambient cooling air in the shortest and most efficient way possible. The LED chip is directly attached to the thin, light weight heat exchanger, which, on the reverse side, creates the high temperature difference that drives the convective cooling process so effectively. Additional cooling is achieved by conduction, where the heat exchanger makes direct contact with the mounting surface. This new approach to thermal management, along with DL1’s unique design, achieves numerous, significant advantages:

- Higher output: 1200 lumens (dimmable) at 14W.
- Longer life: L95 lifetime of over 66,500 hours in 45ᵒC ambient while covered with insulation. Many other suppliers quote figures at 25ᵒC ambient which doesn’t reflect Australian conditions.
- IC-4 rated: Can be covered with insulation to save on climate control and energy costs.
- Superior efficiency and environmental credentials: Significantly less raw material usage. The DL1 downlight weighs just over 100g whereas comparable fittings from other suppliers can weigh 5 times as much due to the large heatsinks they use.
- Easily retrofittable: No costly site modification work when replacing old halogen fittings. The DL1 combines a large flange with a compact body to permit installation in ceiling cut-outs ranging from 60-92mm in size. Other comparable downlights generally need large openings to accommodate their large bodies.
- The slimmest COB downlight available: The depth of 29mm means it will fit in shallow roof cavities.
- Silicone optics: Excellent protection and long-term thermal/optical stability; the DL1 optics control the light beam and won’t break, discolour or lose transparency.
- Unique, ultra-modern appearance: Architecturally designed with a signature silver rim.
- Brand name components: The Cree LED chip and Tridonic driver complete the kit for excellent performance and reliability.

Oxman Lighting considers its DL1 downlight a quantum leap in LED downlight performance. The DL1 is available for purchase via the Oxman website (www.oxmanlighting.com); further distribution channels are currently being sought.


Sydney, AUS

Contact person:
Philip Oechsle
[email protected]