Thorn Lighting supports Derbyshire County Council’s efforts to tackle climate change

March 4, 2019
Thorn Lighting won the tender evaluation process from Derbyshire County Council to supply the lighting for residential roads at various locations around Derbyshire. Thorn’s Civiteq were chosen to replace the existing, energy guzzling SON-T lanterns and meet all of the criteria required by Derbyshire County Council for the refurbishment, including supporting the council’s efforts to tackle climate change, meet CO2 reduction targets and reduced operating costs to enable budget cuts within street lighting to be maintained.

Derbyshire County Council is responsible for more than 89,000 street lights and, with electricity increasing on average by 11% per year due to increases in fuel prices, it's envisaged that the capital investment for the switch to LED’s could be paid back in just over eight years. The council will increase energy savings by Part Night Dimming of the light fittings in most locations to a maximum of 50% of their total output between midnight and 5am.

Thorn’s Civiteq is a cost effective LED road lighting solution that offers the best possible balance between cost of ownership and performance, easily adapting to any installation layout. Its R-PEC® optic has been designed to provide safe and efficient light on residential streets and busy roads. 12 precise light distributions deliver unparalleled versatility, whilst Civiteq’s Bi-Power switch can be used to activate or deactivate dimming on site.

The new lighting maximise energy savings and reduce maintenance. Thorn has achieved this through the deployment of low energy, low maintenance luminaires that utilise the very latest LED technology.


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