Smart tips when buying LED Lights for Kitchens

March 22, 2019
LED lights for kitchens need to be chosen with care to ensure that the worktops beneath the cabinets in kitchens are well lit. Products that require frequent replacement or repairs are unsuitable, especially in a room where occupants spend a lot of time. Outlined below are a few points worth considering when buying LED lights for kitchen cabinets.

Dimmable options to offer the desired intensity of light

During the evening, the worktops beneath your kitchen cabinets need to be fully and well lit in order to use your kitchen safely. However, during the dull and miserable days during the winter, with less natural light streaming into residences and kitchens than we would like, it may be necessary for kitchen cabinets to be lit, but not to the same extent we would need during the evening. This makes it useful to have dimmable options in kitchen under cabinet lighting. You might like to choose lighting options that are available with fully controllable dimmable features.

LED tape is perfect for lighting your kitchen

For a nice and bright experience, LED tapes with closely spaced LEDs are a good choice. This will ensure that the area beneath the cabinet is lit properly. Cooking is by sight, sound, smell, and taste. This translates into the need for evenly lit spaces to facilitate proper preparation by looking at the ingredients or prepared dishes.

LED tape is also a good choice if you would like to be able to change the ambience in your kitchen at the touch of a button as it is available in not only different single colours but also colour changing options so that you can change it by remote control as often as the mood takes you — it’s great for parties!

Warranty and Lifespan

The lifespan of a LED bulb is much higher than that of a halogen or incandescent bulb. The average number of hours of operation of one of the LED lights is around 50,000 hours although some lights are slightly lower and some are much, much higher!

Eliminate shadows with high quality LED lights for kitchens

Lighting in kitchen cabinets should be chosen and installed in a manner so as to eliminate shadows. A functional space like the kitchen should offer occupants a clear view of objects without having to contend with shadows. For the purpose of aesthetics, homeowners may choose recessed lighting over surface mounted fixtures, but this is an individual preference. Regardless of the choice, homeowners need to be sure to install under cabinet lighting fixtures in a manner so as to not cast shadows.


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