Poleless Catenary Cable Suspended LED Street Lights

March 20, 2019
Valo series is designed for streets and other urban areas where the installation of pole is not possible, this cable suspended LED luminaire not only delivers superior light distribution but also improve the quality of city environments. It can be used in the applications of city center streets, squares, parks, gardens, pedestrian and amenity areas. Post-top and side-entry mounting are available to expand the range of use.

Valo features a sleek, dirt-resistant shape defined by its smooth curves. This functional design makes Valo an architecturally appealing addition to contemporary cityscapes while providing minimal dirt depreciation and keeping maintenance costs to a minimum. The heavy duty housing is constructed of die cast aluminum alloy custom formulated for high mechanical strength and thermal conductivity a high tolerance to corrosive environments. Rugged aluminum construction protects electrical and optical components from mechanical and thermal shock, allowing them to operate in extreme environmental conditions with exceptional system efficiency and component longevity. The aluminum housing undergoes a multi-stage intensive pretreatment process that includes chromate conversion coating and thermoset powdercoat paint finishing.


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