Fusion Optix Launches Free App for iOS and Android Devices

March 19, 2019
Fusion Optix, Inc. (www.fusionoptix.com) announced today that it has completed development of its luminance camera app for iOS and Android devices. The app is free and is available immediately for download for free on AppStore and Google Play.

The BrightMinds™ luminance camera app solves the problem of how to make, save and share quick and meaningful assessments of surface light levels without the need for expensive cameras or measurement equipment. Luminance is a fundamental measure of the brightness of a given surface or the amount of light emitted or reflected off that surface. It also indicates how much luminous power can be perceived by the human eye. It is very important to be able to measure luminance when considering the human experience and uniformity of lighting and in particular glare.

The objective of the R+D program was to achieve performance that was meaningful to architects, lighting designers and lighting engineers. The app was developed to work on any iOS (Apple) or Android phone or tablet device. The app turns these devices into a professional grade luminance camera that augments the human visual system and increases the dynamic range and ability of the eye to perceive variations in luminance. It then renders images from the smartphone camera through a calibrated false color filter in real-time. This accentuates the differences in luminance in an easy to read manner. A substantial technological innovation was required in image processing algorithms to take images from the HDR camera that is typically installed and convert these into scaled false color images. The app was also designed to have an easy to user human interface and to make it easy to share via email or social networks and save luminance images and data.

Dr Terence Yeo, Fusion Optix CEO comments; “Fusion Optix is committed to innovation and pushing technologies that help us more effectively and efficiently light the spaces around us. The BrightMinds™ app aims to put the power to evaluate good, or bad, lighting design in the hands of everyone. It has already found use with lighting designers evaluating outdoor street lighting, engineers at LED fixture manufacturers, and design schools teaching lighting design. There are many more applications and we intend to offer further product upgrades on an ongoing basis.”


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