MyLEDLightingGuide releases a new line of high performance LED shoeboxes; 90W/15,750 lumen and 240W/42,000 lumen that replaces a 400W and 1000W HID fixtures respectively.

March 8, 2019
New 170 lumens per watt LED area light that helps electrical contractors provide greater energy savings to commercial and industrial facilities.

Nashua, NH March 7, 2019

A new, high-performance LED shoebox area light is now being offered by MyLEDLightingGuide that has a whopping output of 170 Lm/W (Lumens per Watt). This LED shoebox light, offered from 60 (10,020 lumen) to 400 (66,000 LED Lumen) Watts, is Dark Sky friendly, UL listed, DLC Premium Listed and has multiple available options including photocell, motion sensor, and mounting and can come in bronze (standard), black, white and silver. This also allows upgrading fixtures up to 1500W HID for lighting fields and other recreational or construction lighting applications.

“Electrical contractors will appreciate the easy-on mounting because it does not require accessing the inside of the fixture and they have a choice of a Slip Fitter, ARM and Trunnion mount. The fixture is incredible, you can now upgrade a 400W HID with a 90W LED and a 1000W HID with a 240W LED for great energy savings” said Neil Peterson, Vice President of LED Solutions, MyLEDLightingGuide.

This parking lot light will increase energy savings for its owners over time. Energy savings can be as much as $310 (cost per kw/h .20) per year for one 90 Watt LED replacing a 400 Watt HID light as demonstrated in this table:

Energy Savings Example

90W LED light replacing 400W HID parking lot light for 12 hours/day 365 days/year saving 1555 kw/year *

Cost per kw/h Savings per year
.06 $93.29
.08 $124.39
.10 $155.49
.12 $186.59
.14 $217.69
.16 $248.78
.18 $279.88
.20 $310.98
* includes ballast draw

Details of this LED light fixture can be found:


MyLEDLightingGuide’s US-based staff provide responsive support to electrical contractors and facility managers at commercial and industrial companies, utilities, and municipalities. Our mission is to help you save energy and improve light quality by selecting the proper, safe, and energy-efficient LED lighting in and around your facility. Time-for-delivery is reduced because MyLEDLightingGuide stocks much our new LED high bay fixtures and retrofit LED’s in our US warehouse. LED retrofit solutions that can directly replace existing metal halide (MH) and high pressure sodium (HPS) are our specialty. We offer some of the best warranties on the market; because our return-rate is so low. Since 2008, we have developed a series of eleven ultra-high efficiency LED retrofit kits, we call ESCO RETRO, that can be installed in over 95% of existing fixtures on the market today – allowing you to keep the look of your fixtures but receive all the benefits of LED.


Press Contact:
Neil Peterson
Vice President of LED Solutions
[email protected]