Hand-held Spectroradiometer with Remote Sensor

March 13, 2019
Gigahertz-Optik's CSS-D Display Unit provides convenient handheld operation and control of a remote CSS-45 spectroradiometer head for the precise measurement of spectral irradiance (360-830nm), comprehensive photometric and colorimetric data as well as application specific data such as PAR PPFD.

An internal shutter automates dark level measurements thereby facilitating accurate remote operation over extended periods. The sensor’s compact metal housing is IP62 rated (IP65 with optional splash proof glass dome fitted).

This means that the CSS-45 Remote Spectral Detector can be used directly connected to PC under its own supplied software control, connected to the CSS-D Display Unit as a self-contained light-color-PAR-spectral meter or CSS-D plus CSS-45 connected to PC using same software.

A software development kit SDK is available on option along with other accessories.


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