MAZeT's miniaturized JENCOLOR color sensor module for backlighting applications

Feb. 25, 2009
Date Announced: 25 Feb 2009 Jena, 23 February 2009 – MAZeT GmbH, an international product and design house for color and spectral sensoring, is expanding its comprehensive range of high-precision solutions for controlling LEDs as well as its specialized light controls. The leading provider of True Color sensors and sensor modules is revealing its newly developed True Color Sensor TIAM3 with integrated signal processing. This module features four programmable amplifier channels and the True Color sensor. Compared to its predecessor, the TIAM2, the TIAM3’s housing is 33% thinner. The low profile and integrated signal processing create optimal conditions for implementing RGB-LED backlighting control in flat screens,In contrast to color sensors with polymer filter coatings, the TIAM3 is distinguished by the high long-term stability of its spectral filter characteristics and low temperature sensitivity. The spectral characteristics of the filter curves are optimally tuned for eye-accurate LED color control requirements.The sum of the component’s features – small housing, spectral characteristics and signal processing – make it perfect for high-precision adjusting backlights in flat screens. Displays for photograph and image editing, visual medical diagnostics or high-end multimedia require these background lighting characteristics.About MAZeTMAZeT GmbH is a leading European development and production service provider. The company, founded in 1992 with headquarters in Jena, develops, manufactures and delivers customer-specific electronic modular units, software and ASICs, and markets its own products under the name JENCOLOR™ worldwide. Due to its broad technological offerings and application know-how, MAZeT GmbH is a dependable and proven service partner for made-to-measure, customer-specific solutions in the areas of industrial electronics and optical sensors. The company's development competence and the components produced by it for special uses can be found in the whole area of industrial measurement technology, control engineering, automation and medical areas, among others.

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