Renaissance launches architectural RGB solid-state downlights, color management system

Feb. 4, 2009
Date Announced: 04 Feb 2009 HERNDON, VA -- Renaissance Lighting, has shattered the global performance standards barrier for solid-state LED downlighting by introducing the world’s most efficient, most powerful architectural-grade RGB downlights. In a second global standards-setting move, Renaissance Lighting has unveiled the Rhapsody™ Color Management System, a unique technology for the creation of intelligent, state-of-the-art lighting effects for these new downlight fixtures. Renaissance Lighting’s new product introduction is augmented by another industry first: the launch of a square-aperture RGB downlight. The company’s 4-inch and 7-inch fixtures, with improved efficiency, flexibility and overall light output, are poised to change the way architects and lighting designers look at solid-state lighting. “Our new-generation of solid-state downlighting is the result of continued breakthroughs in the application of LED technology based on Constructive Occlusion®, our patented technology for the unique mixing and blending of multiple LED light sources,” said Renaissance Lighting CEO, Barry Weinbaum. “These new fixtures are as much as 96 percent brighter and more efficient than ever before and even easier to install and operate. What makes these new products even more significant is that Renaissance Lighting’s new remodel frame option is designed to accommodate buildings with renovation requirements or government mandates demanding higher efficiency lighting. Our remodel solutions address both apertures, as well as the round and square configurations, to produce elegant uniform lighting and the industry’s purest single light source.” The introduction of Renaissance Lighting’s Rhapsody Color Management System is an equally significant breakthrough, according to Weinbaum. The system, which consists of controller hardware and proprietary color management software, is the only tool needed other than a personal computer to select any one of over 16.5 million colors on the spectrum or any temperature of white light in the creation of dynamic color lighting effects. Rhapsody is very easy to use, requiring no significant training in lighting design. “The underlying goal in the development of Rhapsody was to ensure its ease of use. As the name suggests, Rhapsody is about improvisational creativity,” Weinbaum said. “We offer our customers the ability to create individualized programs for controlling multiple groups of light fixtures with dynamic effects such as color intensity, cross-fading and rainbow washes.” “Today’s new product introduction is yet another demonstration of Renaissance Lighting’s innovation and product leadership within the global solid-state lighting marketplace and our unrelenting commitment to green technology,” Weinbaum said. These new downlights from Renaissance Lighting are more environmentally friendly than ever. They are fully dimmable, and like all of the company’s solid-state products, are virtually maintenance free over the course of their 50,000-to-70,000-hour life span.” “In less than a year Renaissance Lighting’s products have made significant gains in breadth, value, price, efficiency, output and overall performance – elements that remain critical to the mainstream inflection point of solid-state LED lighting,” Weinbaum said. “Our customers continue to discover that choosing Renaissance Lighting’s RGB solid state lighting products is easy, especially when considering architectural creativity, the total cost of ownership and their low environmental impact. About Renaissance Lighting: Renaissance Lighting, headquartered in Herndon, VA, USA, produces highly creative lighting products delivering exceptional appearance, superior efficiency, and glare-free illumination for all architectural applications. The company’s innovative approach to product engineering and design is supported by 29 patents including its optical and feedback control technologies.

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