Wide-Lite introduces low-glare, nondirect-view LED ambient luminaire for low-bay applications

Feb. 25, 2009
Date Announced: 25 Feb 2009 New Product Introduction: VizorLED — breakthrough LED-powered ceiling-mounted ambient light, for parking garages and other low-bay installations.Product Design: Wide-Lite product development and engineering group.Product Manufacturer: Wide-Lite, founded 1954. Wide-Lite is a Philips group brand.Product Applications: VizorLED mounts directly to or suspends from poured concrete ceilings and other hard, load-bearing commercial ceilings in above- and underground parking garages, and under canopies, in low-bay production, assembly, packing and shipping plants for virtually any illumination purpose.This first of its kind LED luminaire provides glare-free direct downward ambient light in open or fully enclosed structures, all weather and climate conditions, including 50o C high ambient environments. It brings LED energy savings, LED exceptional operating life and low maintenance, and LED performance to applications where older technology predominates.Product Description: VizorLED literally stands all other forms of parking garage, low-bay, and even other types of LED, lighting on their collective heads. VizorLED optics use a faceted 94% reflective indirect optical system with hidden LEDs versus direct-view LEDs with lensed optics. This is an industry-first approach that significantly reduces glare, increases visual comfort and safety, while driving or walking in the occupied space.VizorLED has a special-design heat sink that removes heat generated from its high-brightness white light LED arrays, and vents it away from the array and luminaire. Heat is not trapped within the luminaire, significantly reducing junction temperatures to maximize LED light output and rated life.Other surface-mounted LED products typically vent their heat through the tops or backs of units, into or above the fixture. Heat can get trapped, reducing component life and performance. Because VizorLED is specifically designed to mount directly to or adjacent hard-surface ceilings, it vents its heat front and back out the bottom of the unit where it more readily dissipates with free-flowing indoor and outdoor air. VizorLED has no special at-installation ventilation requirements. It facilitates maximum long operating life and light output from its range of high-quality, state-of-the-art electronics and LED arrays. VizorLED may be specified in 24” length luminaires, with 30 or 60 LEDs per unit, or in 31” length luminaires, with 50 or 100 LEDs per unit. The performance-driven 31” 100 LED VizorLED unit matches the performance of 150W PSMH fixtures, meets IES recommended parking garage photometric guidelines, meets proposed Energy-Star© guidelines, and reduces energy consumption by 34%. The product has a high Luminaire Efficiency Rating of 62 lumens/watt, with 7562 lumens reaching the targeted surfaces, and a minimum rated life of 60,000 hours. Dimming down to 10% power and other energy saving controls options are available. VizorLED is ETL, cETL wet-location listed, rated IP65.Construction & Finishes: VizorLED is constructed from a combination of highly engineered materials: extruded 6063-T5 anodized aluminum heatsink, die-cast endcaps, a thermoformed high-impact canopy top and acrylic lens, a patented composite copper and aluminum heat-dissipating circuit board with dielectric technology, and MIRO aluminum faceted reflectors that are 94% reflective.The finish is combination ultra-clad polyester powdercoat in textured satin aluminum and anodized aluminum. Mounting options include direct surface, pendant, EZ Hanger Plate, yoke and through-wire junction box.

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