First series of new developed reflow- and curing ovens RO-VARIO delivered by Essemtec

Feb. 3, 2009
Date Announced: 03 Feb 2009 The new developed reflow- and curing oven RO-VARIO from Essemtec offers a unique modularity and flexibility for a huge number of solder- and hardness tasks in the electronics, solar engineering and industry. In January 2009 the first ovens had been delivered to the customers.The first production series of the up to 14 zones expansible RO VARIO had been sold out in a very short period of time. In addition to customers in Germany and Austria companies from India decided for the unique oven. “This shows us, that we are not only able to satisfy the requirements of the European customers with the technical concept of the oven, but that the oven will find purchasers in the growth markets too. Our technical concept convinces the customers, “states Martin Ziehbrunner, manager of the Essemtec AG.„At the development of the RO VARIO the modularity and the flexibility of the oven have been in the focus”, remembers Joachim Biegel, product manager of the RO VARIO. Apart of the number of heating and cooling zones the transport system is also designed in modular system. The RO VARIO can be used as fully-convection reflow-oven, IR-curing oven with special slowly forward feed or UV hardness system.There are various transport systems to choose from for the customer. Additionally to a mesh belt, which has an operation width of 600 mm, the oven can also be configured with pin chain drive or as chain over belt. By this it is unique that up to five separate tracks can be fed through the oven at the pin chain drive (e.g. for the use in the solar industry or for the parallel production of printing boards in a line-production). The chain profiles can also be configured as center supports. By a special shifting system, developed and patented for this use, it is ensured, that all tracks and/or center supports will be adjusted individual and automatically to the various transportation width. The absolute parallelism of the individual tracks is also always for 14 zone ovens ensured with it.In addition to the transport systems the heating chambers have been new developed completely, too and have been equipped with a huge number of innovations. By this, a special high efficient heat protection is used which ensures a highest possible efficiency of energy. Just a manufacturing technique is used, which is well-tried under extreme conditions in other industrial sectors. So, for example, the heating chambers are all riveted instead of welding. Particularly, this technique is used in the aerospace industry to avoid material tension by different temperatures. Like this also at the RO-Vario. „We are proud, that there is not only one welding seam in the chambers and to prevent clefts and torsions by this“, mentioned Joachim Biegel.Beyond it, all heating chambers are floating mounted whereby the chamber can expand without blocking or bending the frame, the cap or the transport system. The chambers only expand in the length and width „controlled”. The complete frame of the cap can be opened parallel inclusive of the covering and the heating chambers. This enables an easy access from the front and the back to the hearting chambers and the inner of the oven for cleaning-and maintenance work and is unique in this way. At the same time the standing area which the oven needs reduces, what is very important for companies with limited space proportions.The driving system of the fans, placed outside of the “hot zone“, is mounted on the heating chambers. By the use of the unique driving concept and by the assembling of a cool environment the medium service life between the failures (MTBF mean time between failure) can be minimized by factors. The whole driving process is observed by a sensor which is placed at the driving system of the last chamber.“Just this feature as well as the easy maintenance of the oven and the appreciation resulting from it decide the issue why the customers so far decided for the RO VARIO”, Martin Ziehbrunner sums up.About the company:Essemtec is a worldwide leader in the manufacturer of Surface Mount Technology (SMT) production equipment. Essemtec specializes in high mix production equipment for Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) using Surface Mount Technology.Essemtec is the only manufacturer to cover the entire production process, from Printers and/or Dispensers, to Pick-and-Place and Soldering equipment. Therefore, customers benefit from unparallel knowledge and the ability to select, from a single source, a complete process solution to meet their requirements.

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