i-Pix BB4 LED 4-light units provide bursts of color on the 2009 Brit Awards show

Feb. 25, 2009
Date Announced: 25 Feb 2009 Twenty-Four i-Pix BB4 LED 4-lite units were used by lighting designer Al Gurdon on the 2009 Brit Awards show at Earls Court.Supplied with special ‘double-up’ hanging brackets allowing two BB4s to be rigged together to make up an 8-Lite, six units in this format were positioned on the front truss pointing into the audience, with another two per side on each of 2 satellite trusses, hung stage left and right above the front line of the stage.They were used for classic Molefey-style effects, providing strong and intense bursts of colour and illumination across the large live audience and highlighting the vast interior of Earls Court.“They are absolutely super bright,” comments lighting supplier PRG’s crew chief Richard Gorrod, adding that they are far brighter than a conventional 8-lite and the tech time involved with BB4s is considerably less than with Molefeys and scrollers! There is also the power saving implications of running a BB4, which, with a consumption of 120 Watts, draws just half an amp on full at 240 volts. Theoretically, they could have run all 12 BB4 ‘8-lite’ units off one 16 Amp feed at the Brits!The BB4s colour mixing capabilities and homogenised lightsource are also very popular with LDs. The homogenisation eliminates the LED point sources, and the unit offers a completely smooth, super-high-quality flat field of light, similar to a tungsten source.Lighting programmer and operator for this year’s Brits was Ross Williams, using a Roadhog Full Boar console.Rich Gorrod first used i-Pix products on the Live Earth London show in 2007. PRG also recently supplied BB7s for LD Mark Cuniffe’s design to light the portico and columns of the main entrance to St Paul’s Cathedral, London, for the City Salute event.

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