Ampacet releases clear ABS light diffuser masterbatches

Feb. 24, 2009
Date Announced: 24 Feb 2009 Proprietary Masterbatch formulations enable designers to eliminate undesirable glare and hot spots common with LED lighting systemsTarrytown, NY: Designers of LED lighting for business machines, computers, consumer electronics, indoor /outdoor signage, lighting components, architectural lighting and other products can eliminate annoying hot spots, increase brightness and achieve greater energy efficiency with new, clear ABS light diffuser concentrates developed by Ampacet. Ampacet has expanded its light diffuser product line to include masterbatches for clear ABS applications. Ampacet’s new clear ABS light diffuser masterbatch is added to clear ABS resin to create a gentle, soft glow for buttons and light indicators on office equipment and computer products.Also included in Ampacet’s light diffuser product line are polycarbonate and acrylic light diffuser masterbatches, which allow designers to incorporate efficient LED lighting in interior and exterior building products, signs and consumer electronics to obtain subtle, yet effective lighting.Ampacet light diffuser masterbatches feature a proprietary component that effectively scatters and diffuses light without significantly reducing light transmission. This unique technology allows designers to maximize the energy-efficiency of their LED lighting systems by creating a soft diffusion effect with minimal loss of light output. “The end result is brighter and more efficient illumination…at a much lower energy cost” states Laura Hudacek, Ampacet Market Development Specialist. In comparison, traditional mineral fillers make use of calcium carbonate and titanium dioxide, which reduce LED light transmission by absorbing a significant portion of light. Because Ampacet light diffuser masterbatches maintain maximum light transmission, product designers can trim the number of LEDs from an array, resulting in a reduction of product cost and total energy usage while achieving high light transmission levels. The degree of cost savings depends on the masterbatch concentration and part thickness.Ampacet light diffuser masterbatches are suitable for a variety of applications such as diffusers for ceiling, soffit or free-standing fluorescent or incandescent lighting systems; office equipment, cell phones and personal electronic products; interior automotive lighting fixtures and panels; indoor / outdoor signage; buttons, knobs and switches; building products and architectural lighting fixtures, built-in lighting panels and safety lighting strips.Custom colorants, UV stabilizers, and other process-enhancing additives may be added to Ampacet Light Diffuser Masterbatches to create a uniquely distinctive product. In addition, notes Ms. Hudacek, “A unique advantage of Ampacet light diffuser masterbatches is that transparent colors can be added, thus providing designers the flexibility to customize their color choice”. Product Number Resin603170-PC PC603171-AY Acrylic603595-AB Clear ABSAbout AmpacetAmpacet Corporation is a global masterbatch leader and offers the broadest range of custom color, special effect, black, white and specialty additive masterbatches for extrusion, molding and a multitude of other processes and applications. Founded in 1937, it now employs more than 1,500 people and has revenues exceeding $760 million. Headquartered in Tarrytown, N.Y., Ampacet Corporation operates technical and color development centers and manufacturing sites throughout the Americas, Asia and Europe.

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